Best Ways to Improve your App's Rank Without Spending Money
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Improve Your App Rank Without Spending a Single Penny

Improve your mobile app rank Your App Rank Without Spending a Single Penny

Yes, mobile applications are defining the new era of the digitally driven world and leading as a medium to transmit information efficiently.Thousands of mobile applications are added to the store on weekly basis have you ever thought where you app rank in that crowd? How does it respond when someone searched for relevant application on the store? Making a successful application embedded with the user-oriented feature is just one step in the process of making it successful. In terms of mobile app marketing, improving the rank of an app is very important to make your app stand out in the throng of mobile applications. Ranking will help your app to become more visible in the store to the users and ultimately increases the app downloads.There are certain parameters and factors you need to work on and you will experience a substantial improvement in app ranking without wasting any capital on it.

Here are 5 measurements you need take care of tremendous ranking results

1.App Title

Utilize the title efficiently to convey the functionality of the application . Your app's appearance and visibility are strongly depended upon the title.Name or title of the application shows the work and what is it all about, especially for those apps which have offbeat title should work on this.

2.App Description

This is your best chance to get profit from app store algorithm describe your application with specific and crisp content. Make the use of keywords that user most probably gonna put in the search box, but don't just put the keyword use it in a descriptive way with the flow of writing. Targeted keywords with exact description will boost up your app ranking significantly.


It is the most underrated part of description many just upload screenshots to give an overview of the application . User pays much attention to the screenshot before downloading an app and tries to decide whether the app worth downloading or not. Screenshot displaying all the unique features and user interface and most important what user is looking for try to put that.

4.Rating and Reviews

Review and rating play very important part in ranking aspects of the mobile application. Mobile app development industry uses it most considerably to obtain the better rank in the app store. Make use of all your social media network including friend and family to rate your app and type reviews about it. Try to reply for very negative review. Replying a review is possible in Google app store but not allowed in Apple Store.

5.Reduce app size

Make your app available to the user in the very small compact size you can it will prompt the user to download it. The app rank also depends on the app size as the application with small size taking on disk of mobile is more preferred by the users.


App ranking is a very important aspect to take care in order to assure overall application success. There is no point in making an amazing app if you are unable in making users download it and get a better place in the app store.If you work on these above factors there is no need of investing money to improve rank by the technicals. 

Ariana Johnson
Written By Ariana Johnson

Ariana Johnson is currently covering the mobile app trends and sharing her pinpoint views over the recent mobile app news for MobileAppDaily. Apart from her passion for technology, she also has a thing for cats, and owns a Persian cat named ‘Lilly.’

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