What is Intent-Based Mobile App Security and Why is i

What is Intent-Based Mobile App Security and Why is it Crucial?

Developers can easily manage the app workflow with the intent-based technology.

What is Intent-Based Mobile App Security and Why is it Crucial?

The mobile application development world is evolving day by day due to the increasing number of smartphone users around the globe. Along with the consistent innovative addition in the mobile app technology, large-scale usability of mobiles apps in the business world is drastically changing the fundamentals of the mobile application.

Thousands of mobile applications are released in a week, and many become the victims of attack due to security bugs. But thankfully, new technology is introduced in mobile app security system called intent-based security.

The basic concept of intent-based security is to observe the mobile application in a new way. This technique is all about utilizing the developer's knowledge to create a more predictable and secure environment.

What is Intent-Based Mobile App Security?

It delivers an extra layer of protection to the mobile application and analyzes the aim of the app. All this information further helps the developer to ensure a well secured and a perfectly protected environment from various kinds of mobile app threat.

With intent-based mobile security, developers can easily manage the workflow and app behavior of a container-based application. Furthermore, the increased flow of technical information provides specific automation for deploying intent-based security.

Three Pillars of Intent-Based Security for Containers

As intent-based security adds a new level of protection in a containerized app, the developer must define entire OS stack for the containers to run efficiently. And for that, you need three pillars, which are as follows:

1. Containers are Declarative

When a developer provides manifest or artifacts that describe how an application works, it makes easy to deduct the behavior of the application and extract useful data to provide a secure environment.

2. Container is Predictable

The behavior of software developed by developer having container will be more predictable because it will contain less specific logic and more common building blocks. If you are creating a container, you don't need to write the OS from an elementary level. Just take an Ubuntu and if you are using MySQL, put a MySQL layer in that container.

The piece of software developed will be pretty predictable, as it would be holding common building blocks. It allows you to easily assume what that piece is supposed to do or act.

3. Containers are Immutable

Previously, it was almost impossible to realize if something is happening to an application. With the container-based application, any change of real content can be tracked easily.

Wrap up

Intent-Based security is a fantastic security infrastructure that helps an organization to ensure the ultimate safety and flexible protected features for the software and apps. This technology serves a unique and invincible security aspect to a containerized application which helps the organizations in long-term survival.

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