Signal - Highly Secured Chat App for Instant Messages & Calls
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Signal: Highly Secured Chat App for Instant Messages & Calls

Signal: new chatting app

Signal: Highly Secured Chat App for Instant Messages & Calls

Signal, the highly encrypted chat app for both iOS and Android devices by Open Whisper Systems (nonprofit development studio). The protocol of this app is designed to operate in the most constrained environment easily and with this app, messages can be sent to your friends at a rapid pace. In other words, with this app, you can communicate instantly by avoiding SMS fees. You can also create groups, allowing you to chat in real time with all your friends and family at once. With its desktop support for Android users, all users can link their mobile accounts to a desktop app so that the messages can be received on two devices. In addition, Signal Desktop could now be easily linked with the iOS version of this app.

A Brief Insight Into Signal - Chat App

Furthermore, this amazing chat app is free and open source and its security can be verified by simply auditing the code. Talking about video calling, you can easily make phone calls to all those who live across town or even across the ocean without worrying about long-distance charges. You can say or send anything without worrying about the security. This is because it uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol for securing every message whenever you send any message. The server never has access to any of the messages done between you and your friends or family and never stores any of your data.

Security Aspects:

According to the lead designer of Signal, Tyler Reinhard, there is no advantage of high security if the mobile app is not usable. Therefore, this app development project started with a fundamental assertion, which says that the most important component of security is usability. He also says that if the main objective of a designer is to give an enthralling user experience through this chat app and offering something which is beyond user expectations, then there is no other important area to consider than user's privacy. Signal apps have been around since 2015, but recently, it started to reach critical mass. It is believed that major company such as Facebook has a wide assortment of resources for investing into their products and in creating new features, but this doesn't mean that Signal team is completely ignoring this aspect. Recently, the Android app has been upgraded with stickers and with sketching feature.

Feature Challenge:

However, every single feature is not only a UI challenge, in fact, there is also a technological challenge. Proper work should be done at the deepest level of encryption so that there is no loophole to its encryption. Reinhard is in the search of the same sorts of designers giving the rich multimedia experiences of iMessage as well as Messenger to make Signal compete in the pixelated creature comforts, which everyone is expecting in the messaging market. Hence, this chat app is unbeatable in terms of security and performance.

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