Apple added Referral Feature in Its Analytic Platform For the Developers

App Analytics

In order to make sure your app is going great and ensure the consistent growth, a developer needs to track the details. For acquiring useful details analytics tools assist the user with real-time data of the app. The analytic tools provide the information like how many users are using the app, sessions, and details too which helps in enhancing the app.

Apple introduced its analytic tool in 2015 for the iOS developer to help them by providing the required details. The platforms provide the key information to the developers like app’s performance, user engagement, marketing campaigns influence and monetization. But the company added a new feature to app analytic service for the developers.

App Analytic Tool

With this addition, developers will able to know specifically from where user get to know about the app. The feature tells the developer how the user found the app whether from browsing or searching the app store, are they referred to another app or website.

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This information could help the developers to understand from which direction they are getting the maximum traffic and where they need to work. They can also know how the keywords change is affecting the search rank in the app store. It will also give a better idea to them where they need to be rank top their app in charts or search.

This information can also be track by using third party integration. There are some tools which can be integrated with the platform and will provide you same details. However enabling the feature within the platform makes the data come directly from Apple which is much reliable.

In Upgraded version of the analytic platform, user can get to know the count of traffic from the following genre

  • Featured
  • Categories
  • Top Charts in the App Store
  • Search query

This app referral feature helps the developer to narrow down their marketing relation to only those app publisher drawing maximum downloads. The app publisher performing better than others will be identified the developers in order to work in right direction.

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Recently Apple is taking many steps in app development for iOS as it stopped accepting the submission containing price in the name. As it clearly enhancing the development side of the iOS and assisting the developers in getting the most users.

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