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Top 7 App Store Optimization Tools 2018

Use these tools to acquire better visibility and more users for your app. 7 App Store Optimization Tools 2018

Mobile apps are now an essential part of the business in order to sustain a growing revenue. The app economy experiencing all-time high fiscal figures and expected to set records in the coming time. However, with the new mobile app development trends, the market has more competition than ever. There are 3.6 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2 million apps in the App Store with hundreds of new apps being submitted every week. This makes the developers come up with strategies that will help their apps to get noticed in the stores. Here comes the App Store Optimization (ASO), it is also called the app store SEO that helps the developers to optimize the stores. The developers can use the ASO tips and techniques to ensure that their apps get the most prominent rank in the store, in order to get recognition and downloaded by the users.

ASO is more of a process instead of technique as it includes multiple factors that need to be taken care by the developers. The factors include title name, metadata, description, review, and ratings. By optimizing the factors you will be able to improve the ranking of your app in the store search for getting maximum downloads and eventually some better revenue. However, even after understanding the importance of ASO, it is pretty uncleared how to exactly implement the strategy. So, there are a number of App Store Optimization tools that help the developers to attain the higher ranking in the app store search algorithm.

ASO Tools

Prior to jumping to the best ASO tools, you should know the types of tools available for app store optimization. On the basis of ASO factors, there is basically five type of tools that you will find:

  1. App Keyword Optimization Tools

  2. Review and Sentiments Analysis Tools

  3. A/B Testing Tools

  4. Search Ads Optimization Tools

  5. App Store Intelligence Tools

Here are top 10 ASO tools you can use to optimize your app:

1. App Annie

App Annie is among the best company offering mobile app store optimization tools to integrate into the mobile strategy for great results. The company offers a number of business intelligence tools with the app centric approach for assisting the designers, owners and the developers. With the help of App Annie, the publishers can get an insight of ASO factors and use them to successfully optimize the app store for their app.


Key Features

  • With the premium version of Market Data Intelligence, you will be able to get information including users’ behavior and demographics based on the factors like user retention, engagement, and estimates about the downloads and competitors information.

  • The most used App Analytics tool is free and enables the publishers to have their eye on app downloads, usage, time spent, and revenue.

  • The Store Stats is another free tool for the company to unveil the history rankings, improvement in ranking, keywords, reviews, and other details that will help you to benefit your app.

Available for- App Store & Google Play Store

2. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is one of the most effective mobile app analytics platforms for the developers and publishers. The platform is capable of extracting the useful insights from the app stores including the competitor's activities. The precise numbers and details can be used to better your app's visibility in the app store. Moreover, the keyword finding feature of the app help the publishers in placing the right keywords to the app for better results.

sensor tower

Key Features

  • The App Intelligence Tool of Sensor tower is combinations of a number of tools in a single package. The ASO tools aim to provide the effective ASO for your app with its detailed analysis of the app’s ranking, engagement and other metrics during different conditions like being featured in a special category. App Intelligence also provides details on keywords, localization, and competitors.

  • With the help of Store Intelligence, you will be able to get the data like revenue estimation and downloads across multiple devices and countries with further specific filters.

  • The Ad intelligence tool helps in uncovering the details about the user acquisition campaign that you are running. You can also know about the download boots that you have achieved along with the information about the creatives used under the campaign.

3. Mobile Action

Mobile Actions is the finest mobile analytical tools that continuously provide you with the reports and data from the mobile marketplace. With the help of various features and options embedded in the ASO tool, you can acquire precise details regarding the apps and app store. The ASO tool provides the reports over app downloads, revenue, and keywords performance to know how to improve your app’s ranking. The ASO tool is also used for studying the closest competitor’s moves via its premium version.

Mobile Action

Key Features

The platforms come in three products for effective ASO

  • ASO Intelligence tool of the platform offers a wide variety of information over the keywords. The main features of the ASO tool include Keyword Tracking, Suggestions, Keyword Intelligence, and Competitor Tracking. The tool not only collects the information over app ranking for keywords but also suggest the new keywords to better the search ranking in addition to the research on the keywords you are sharing with your competitor.

  • With the App Analytics tool, the Mobile Action helps you know the app’s category ranking across multiple devices and geographical areas. The ASO tools also show the publisher in implementing the ASO by giving details over the review, rating distribution, keywords density, and detailed revenue history of the app.

  • The Marketing Intelligence tool focuses on the revenue, downloads and other business related estimates. The ASO tool also suggests that how many users the app requires to beat competitors and top the charts.

4. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is among the important tool for the App Store Optimization for the developers and publishers. As the app store ranking highly depends on the keywords you need to know which keywords you should target. This ASO tool works as a web extension that immediately informs what are the keywords people type the most in the app store related to your app. With the information over the keywords, you will be able to place the most desirable keywords in your app to get your app visibility in the search and users will see it.

keyword Tool

Key Features

  • The tool is free and provides the closest and relevant keywords compare to any other free tool available.

  • Keyword tool uses the App Store autocomplete for searching the most popular keywords related to the app.

  • The app store optimization tool also specifies the App Store Country and language in order to come up with the keywords for a different app for better localization.

5. Apptopia

The mobile app market highly depends on the app metrics and a new strategy can change the market condition overnight. In order to make the people aware of all the mobile app business strategies, Apptopia delivers the impactful insights and information from the App Stores. With the help of the app store optimization tool, you can make the best decisions for the ASO and make sure that your app attains the better search ranking and visibility in the app store every single day.


Key Features

  • The app analytical tool enables you to get the data about your app downloads and estimate revenue with further details without spending much money.

  • You can keep a track of the daily and monthly active users of your app with the help of this app store optimization tool.

  • The ASO tool also enables the publishers to analyze the user engagement across multiple countries to know exactly how frequently the users are opening their apps.

6. AppTrace

This ASO tool is the best tool for you if you just want the basic and important information for your app without spending that much money. The tool uses the various algorithm and techniques to acquire the app store browsing details for the developers. The information collected by the tool includes the relevant keywords, competitors’ recently implemented strategies, suggestions for a new approach, insights on the app ranking, revenue, downloads, and user engagement. The ASO tool works for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store to perform a revenue-generating app store optimization.


Key Features

  • The ASO tool gets you the browser-based charts to analyze the app rankings and plan the next moves.

  • AppTrace also provides a monthly report including the performance, growth, and other metrics to evaluate the whole work and know about the outpost & areas that need to be worked upon.

  • This ASO tool has the most user-friendly interface that is too easy for any beginner to work with.

7. Appfigures

Appfigures is the first choice of the top app developers and publishers to get a complete insight of the mobile app. The app store optimization tool empowers the app with more impactful data and information using different techniques. The reports given by the tool can be used to uplift the app’s position in the app store with proper implementation of ASO. App Figures is an important ASO tool for both small-scale developers and well-established app publishing firm.


Key Features

  • The tool works for all the major app stores including Apple App Store and Google Play Store to provide the details about the number of downloads, sales, and in-app-purchases.

  • The tool instantly alerts the publishers whenever a user reviews or rate the app in the app store.

  • The reports over the app’s rank and usage are updated hourly, so you can track the metrics precisely.

  • Appfigures also provide the details over the ads including revenue generation and the number of impressions converted by the ads across multiple sources and countries.


App Store Optimization is an inevitable task that you require to make sure that your app gets the visibility in the store. With the help of an effective app store optimization tool, your work will be easier and you will know how you can improve your app’s ranking in the store search. All the above-mentioned tools provide all the required information including, keywords, downloads, revenue, and user engagement that can be used to get your app more users through store browsing.

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