Apple Sets To Bring These Fresh Enhancements

From OS To In-App AI Features, By Spring Of 2025


Jul 08, 2024

iOS 18 Public Beta Version Is About To Launch Worldwide In July

It brings a range of upgrades, including:

1. A new OS that enhances User Experience.

2. Apple Intelligence in iPhone 15 and above.

3. High-end customization features.

4. Redesigned control center.

Apple Intelligence Will Take The Center Stage

With the introduction of in-house AI capabilities, users can perform tasks like:

1. Searching for your IDs from thousands of gallery photos.

2. Text and voice-based prompts to generate AI outputs.

3. Launching AI tasks by talking directly with Siri.

4. Generating AI images and Bitmojis.

This Good News Brings Some Bad Too

The newly launched AI features will be available on iPhone 15 and above devices. M2 chip hardware is the bare minimum for computers to run Apple Intelligence at the core.

Older devices will be upgraded to enable some AI features, but not all due to hardware restrictions.

Can’t Wait To Try The New iOS 18?

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