Top 15 Money Saving Apps To Save Your Bucks In 2023

These best money saving apps can help you in availing great deals and offers in almost every category
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September 28, 2023
Money Saving Apps
Every day people are browsing the Internet in search of new ways of earning money and not just any regular ways but the ones that are easy to execute. And what if we told you that there's a trick that can help you in earning money with no extra effort needed?

The trick that we are talking about is saving money! Yes, by using some best money saving apps people are saving a significant sum of money and the other thing that makes these apps so intriguing is that a majority of people are not aware of them.

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In this blog, we are discussing the useful apps that will help you in saving a few bucks so that you do not exceed your budget!

List of Best Money Saving Apps For 2023

Apps that save your money can be a treat. So we have decided to come up with a list of the best money saving mobile apps that are available in the app stores. Here’s our take on the top 15 apps that will help you save huge amount of money:

Starling Bank

Apple 4.9

Awarded on multiple occasions and changing the way people manage their money, Starling Bank is one of the best money saving apps that takes care of your banking. The savings app provides spending insights in a clear and precise way to help you understand where you’ve spent your money and how you can save it. Users get instant notifications of their payments with a real-time balance. In case you are abroad and using your card, the app charges no additional fee. 

Features of the money saving app

  • Goals option to help you save money
  • Zero fees on card usage abroad
  • Transfer money to over 38 countries from the bank account
  • Option to lock your card in case you lose it 
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An app that helps you save money, Chime is a mobile banking platform and one of the best money saving apps that provides your paycheck up to two days early. Users get zero-fee overdraft along with a debit card, a spending account and a savings account to help you in saving your money. The notable part about Chime is that applying for an account is easy and free of cost. It only takes 2 minutes and you’re done with it. 

Features of the Mobile banking savings App

  • No hidden fees
  • Over 38,000 ATMs with no charges
  • Block your card instantly in case of any issue
  • Paycheck up to 2 days early 
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Apple 4.8

Groceries are something that we need on a daily basis and are counted as a basic necessity for us. So, imagine saving a couple of bucks every time you go out to purchase groceries. For instance, a person buys groceries on an average of five to seven days (i.e. a weekly basis) so with an app like Ibotta, he/she will be able to save a lot in just a few weeks.

Featuring amongst the best money-saving apps, this application can be referred to as the latest means of grocery store coupons where users get to review deals that are active around them or in their surrounding locations. All you need to do is scan the barcodes of products that are eligible for an offer and take a picture of your receipt. Users are eligible to withdraw money at a threshold of $20 via cashback.

Features of this best savings app

  • The app works with some of the major applications like Uber, eBay, Boxed, etc
  • Earn cashback rewards by just uploading a photo of your receipt
  • Multiple bonus cash options
  • Earn at more than 500,000 locations 
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Apple 4.8

If you are someone who finds it hard to manage bills then Mint is your go-to mobile app. With Mint, one of those best money saving apps, the user can easily maintain their different bills so that they can avoid being charged extra fees for the delay in bill payments. One of those best payment apps, Mint saves a lot of your payment hassles. 

You will also get a free credit score by which the user can monitor his/her savings and with a good credit score, the chances of getting a better loan will also increase.

With the Mint app, the user can create a budget that ensures that enough money is saved for other major obligations like emergency funds, retirement, etc.

Features of the best free savings app

  • Track transactions with just one swipe
  • Convenient notifications
  • Smart budgeting
  • Get credit score for free
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Tip Yourself

Apple 4.2

We all give tips at a restaurant or anywhere else, but what if you get an app through which you tip yourself? Well, with this money saving app, you get the privilege of paying a tip to yourself. The app allows users to save their money and use it whenever the need arrives. The best part about the app is that it is free to use and you don’t have to pay for it. 

Features of the money saving app

  • Make your budget
  • The app helps boost credit score
  • Free to use
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Apple 4.7
android 4.4

Acorns is another of those exciting and quite innovative apps that invest your spare change automatically. Being one of the best money-saving apps, it is easy to set up, i.e., all you have to do is link your credit or debit card to your account. When that’s done, the app will start automatically investing all the spare change from purchases made with the said card.

At first, this might sound like a silly app to use, but we know your opinion will change after trying it. In fact, having an app that invests small amounts for you every day is a great way to improve one's portfolio and savings. Naturally, Acorns only invests your money in ‘safer’ instruments.

Features of the Acorns best savings app

  • The app allows users to spend reasonably at just $1, $2 or $3 per month
  • There are no hidden fees
  • No low balance
  • Ease of withdrawing money
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You Need A Budget

Apple 4.8
android 4.3

As the name of the app suggests, you need to have a well planned and organized budget in order to save money effectively while performing your daily chores. With the help of this app, the user can create a simple and easily applicable budget interface whose main aim is to inform them about the true value of money.

In You Need A Budget app, users will also learn about prioritizing the various expenses based on their level of importance which makes it one of the best money savings apps. Along with this, you can also learn new ways to save more money for retirement and emergencies as well as how to handle unexpected costs like using your credit cards. You can even go ahead and connect this application with your Apple Watch or even with Amazon's Alexa.

Features of the best savings app

  • Set goals and track them on the go
  • Import your transactions by bank syncing
  • Detailed reports that help measure progress
  • Personal support around the clock
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Apple 4.5

Another of those saving money apps, kidfund makes saving for kids easy and convenient. With this app, parents can save money for their kids’ future, relatives and friends can send cash rewards through the app and it all gets saved in one place. All this makes Kidfund as one of the best saving money apps to use.  

Features of the best savings app

  • Bank-level security
  • Free to use
  • 3% interest on the first $500
  • Family and friends can easily gift money
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Clarity Money

Apple 4.5

The Clarity Money app is another of those prominent apps that help you save money and a number of people rely upon. The key objective of this app is to separate out wasteful spending from wide spending. This can be done by canceling out subscriptions that the user is not actively engaging in.

This money-saving app is available on the Apple App Store to be downloaded for free of cost. With Clarity Money, users can also track their spending to make sure that they are on the right budget making it one of the best money saving apps. You will also get certain credit cards recommended to match your lifestyle.

Features of best savings app

  • Tracking of budget
  • AI-powered
  • Financial tasks easy to execute
  • Tracking of credit card spendings
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Apple 4.8

Another of those best money saving apps that helps you save your money smartly, spend with care, plan your budget and even track your past transactions. The app takes care of your personal finances to a great extent like the other apps that help you save money. So you get multiple ways to save money.  

Features of the savings app

  • Automated savings
  • Weekly insights
  • Direct deposits
  • Automatic bill payment 
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Saving Star

Apple 4.5

Featuring amongst the best money saving apps, the Saving Star app allows users to earn cashbacks and rewards on every purchase they make from a grocery store. With over 70,000 locations to shop from, you can shop and earn money faster or perhaps save on every purchase you make. The best part about the app is that you can cash out to PayPal or any other supporting platform when you reach just $5. 

Features of the money saver app

  • Cash-out at $5 only
  • New deals every week
  • Earn from the majority of major stores
  • Over 70,000 stores to shop from
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Snip Snap

Apple 4.1

Featuring amongst the top money saving apps, Snip Snap is one of those best apps for saving money with which you can create a coupon out of any receipt or paper where you find any offer. All you need is your phone camera and you can easily turn any offer on paper that you see into a digital coupon. 

Features of the money saver app

  • Get coupon availability notifications when you enter the store
  • Scan coupons from anywhere
  • Latest coupons
  • Expiry date alerts 
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Apple 3.8
android 3.8

The CheckoutSmart app is one of the most efficient and best money saving apps for claiming cashback while shopping. This money saving app basically provides the users with a daily list of products that have an active cashback offer on them. The different symbols used at CheckoutSmart indicate various major supermarkets to avail that offer.

As a user, you only need to purchase the products that are mentioned in the daily list of the app and click a picture of the receipt once the order is purchased. After submitting the receipt photo, the user will get a credit cashback which can be directly transferred to the user's PayPal or bank account.

Features of the earn money app

  • Cash rewards 
  • Available at all major supermarts
  • Easy redeem process
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Apple 4.4
android 3.2

How can you save money in the most basic way? Simple, by knowing your average expenses and then planning out a budget that's ahead of them. But not everyone is a fan of planning and scheduling, and that's why there is an app that does the same for you.

Mvelopes app performs all the budget planning for users by including different sub-categories like monthly rent, bills, groceries and much more. All this makes Mvelopes one of the best money saving apps. 

But in case your estimated budget finishes then the user has the option to either transfer the extra amount into the account or wait until next month starts to credit the monthly budget.

Features of money saving app

  • Free for one month
  • Easy access and adjust of budget
  • Educational ebooks and videos in the app
  • Real-time synchronization
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Apple 4.0

Honey can be referred to as the best of both worlds because it can be used as a mobile app and also a plugin for your web browser. From Chrome to Firefox, there is no hassle in integrating Honey into your devices. With this app, the user doesn't have to go through the struggle of finding the best deal/offer available.

The deals and discounts will automatically pop up during the checkout time and you will be able to see the savings you made with each other. Another thing that makes this app so irresistible and one of the best money saving apps is the huge range of brands that collaborate with it to make customers experience more sweetness.

Features of the savings app

  • 400+ popular stores
  • Automatic coupons
  • Gold bonuses on certain items
  • Notifications of price drops
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