25+ Best Mental Health and Therapy Apps of 2023

These AI-based best free mental health apps will help you in ensuring that your mind stays calm and counter your anxieties and live a healthy lifestyle in 2023.
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September 25, 2023
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Artificial intelligence has joined many segments across the markets now. From gaming to physical healthcare, artificial intelligence algorithms are making lives more comfortable and safer for users today. If we specifically focus on the healthcare segment, according to a Statista report, the healthcare AI is expected to cross $28 billion by 2025 compared to $1.4 billion in 2017.

Now, why is artificial intelligence a brilliant choice for mental health apps? Well, AI is capable of offering a personalized experience with the help of big data and machine learning techniques. And, it is already offering a safe space where humans can express their feelings without fear that anyone else is listening to them or judging them. AI also helps counselors in finding the best possible therapies for a patient so they can help them better.

Our Top Picks

In this blog, we have shortlisted a few top mental health apps that have been helping out their users for quite some time. We have curated this list after a thorough review of each and every option included here. So, you can go through the app and choose any option you want without thinking twice.

Counter Your Anxiety with the Best Free Mental Health Apps of 2023!

With each app, we are including their features and download links for Android and iOS so that you can read about them and download them easily. So, stick with us until the end of this blog to find the exact app that suits your needs.


Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Apple 4.8
android 4.3

With this one of the top mental health apps, you get access to guided meditations, stories, and music that will help you sleep well. The app also guides you through the meditation process daily and you are required to invest only a few minutes every day to improve your mental health. You can also use Headspace as one of the best yoga apps to have access to yoga exercises that are useful for your mental health.

Headspin allows people from diverse backgrounds to participate in sessions guided by top pros. By adjusting to the preferences and emotions of the user, Headspin offers tailored meditation guidance. Because users can pick between brief 3-minute sessions that easily fit into busy schedules or longer meditations, it is suitable for a variety of lifestyles.

The program encourages a sense of belonging by enabling global participation in meditation sessions. In order to promote restful sleep, it also offers calming stories, soothing noises, and sleep-inducing music. Other routines exist for joyful movement and stress-relieving exercises. The app's free trial can be started right away.


Features of this one of the best online therapy apps

  • Hundreds of helpful exercises
  • Sleepcasts with stories and music to help in sleeping
  • Breathwork to help you in relaxing
  • 12 different stations for the focus music
Download this one of the top apps to help with depression for Android and iOS

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Apple 4.8
android 4.3

Calm might be one of the most downloaded apps for the psychological well-being of people. This one of the top apps for anxiety and depression helps people through effective tools such as sleep stories, meditation, and more. With Calm, you can find music pieces or masterclasses by experts that will help you throughout your journey to peace.

Three to 25 minutes are allotted for each meditation session. Downloading this top self-improvement program is free, but there are in-app purchases available for $15 to $80. They provide a daily 10-minute session that features bedtime stories read by well-known actors like Matthew McConaughey.

You can listen to exclusive tracks from well-known artists like Keith Urban and Disney in the Calm Music Library. Additionally, you can watch quick movies that feature mindful movement and receive gentle stretching for all body types. To enjoy a wonderful and sound sleep, learn the technique of meditation in masterclasses from renowned authorities in the fields of mindfulness, soundscape, and nature sounds.

Features of this one of the top mental health tracker apps

  • Music and sleep stories to help in relaxing
  • Masterclass by experts to guide
  • Meditation skills that are effective
  • Modes such as focus to help you avoid distractions
Download this one of the best online therapy apps for Android and iOS

Talkspace Therapy & Counseling

Apple 4.8
android 2.6

On this one of the top apps to help with mental health, you can find the right therapists from anywhere and anytime. The app also provides a chat feature that you can use to connect with your therapist. You can send texts, videos, images, or voice messages to communicate with the therapist.

Talkspace is one of the top self-help applications available, and it has been mentioned on CNN.com, Business Insider, and The Wall Street Journal. The use of Talkspace can help people overcome their sadness, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Anyone 13 years of age or older can use their subscription service, which has a vast user base of over 1 million people. 

All you have to do is specify your therapy preferences, and the site will immediately pair you up with a therapist in your state. You are free to send your therapist an infinite number of texts, audio messages, photographs, or videos at any moment.  Talkspace offers each of its customers individualized health plans through partnerships with different healthcare organizations.

Features of this one of the top mental fitness apps

  • In-built messenger to connect with the therapist
  • Allows live virtual sessions
  • Includes AI-supported mental health analytical reports
  • Connects you with licensed therapists
Download this one of the best online therapy apps for Android and iOS

The Mindfulness App

Apple 4.8
android 4.5

Meditating, but still your mind is not at peace? The Mindfulness App is a mobile application that brings the power of mindfulness to your fingertips. The mindfulness app offers a variety of guided meditations, breathing exercises, and gentle reminders, it helps users integrate mindfulness practices of self-awareness and inner peace in their daily lives. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving focus and overall well-being, this app empowers individuals to find balance amidst life's demands.

The app has over 400 guided meditations and courses that come straight from experts across the world in 10 different languages. Also, get access to sleep stories for a gentle closing of the day and get proper reminders to meditate. Get daily notices to keep you mindful throughout the day. 

Your meditation sessions are saved by the Mindfulness App to your Apple Health App. You will also receive customized user statistics with a variety of background noises including forest, rain, waves, and others. 

Key Features of The Mindfulness App: One of the best apps for mental health for free

  • Guided meditations for various durations and purposes
  • Breathing exercises to help regulate and deepen the breath
  • Mindful reminders throughout the day
  • Personalized meditation plans
  • Sleep meditations and calming sounds
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MindShift CBT - Anxiety Relief

Apple 4.2
android 4.2

With MindShift CBT, you can get help based on scientific strategies suggested under CBT methods. The anxiety relief help is developed to help you push negative thoughts away to feel more peaceful and calm. With this one of the top apps for anxiety and depression, you can access help anytime and anywhere without paying anything.

This is one of the best free mental health apps and comes with features such as guided relaxation techniques, integrated data sharing and exporting tools, experiments to challenge anxiety-fueling causes, and more.  Learn about the many CBT tactics, such as keeping thought journals, putting yourself through belief tests, constructing fear ladders, and completing comfort zone challenges. To reframe your thoughts, cultivate mindfulness, and stay grounded, listen to peaceful audio. 

Participate in the MindShift CBT Community Forum to share tales, learn about other people's experiences, and offer peer advise in a secure setting. All of the exercises are offered in short chunks with ample accompanying material to assist you in seamlessly integrating these tactics into the rest of your life.


Features of this one of the top apps to help with depression

  • Entirely free to use
  • Scientific approaches to counter anxiety 
  • Supports French UI
  • Easy to navigate which makes it suitable for all age groups
Download this one of the top mental fitness apps for Android and iOS


Apple 4.5
android 3.7

Happify, one of the top AI healthcare apps, includes activities and games that will help you reduce stress and negative thoughts drastically. The app also offers personalized analytics based on your mental health wellness records. This one of the best mental health apps claims to have helped 86% of its users feel better about their lives within the first 2 months of its regular usage.

Leading scientists and professionals who have studied evidence-based interventions in the disciplines of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy for decades devised the strategies utilized by one of the top self-care apps of 2023.

The program will provide you with tracks, and for each track, there will be quick tests, activities, and games that will help you see the good in life. Happify assists you in learning new skills in a variety of areas, like managing your relationships, preventing anxiety, and creating healthier sleep patterns. Thus, Happify's ultimate goal is to help you improve your entire health while maintaining a tranquil mind by providing workouts you may perform every day.

Features of this one of the best apps to help with mental health

  • Personalized progress report
  • AI-supported activities to help
  • Offers a 20-page character strength report
  • 30+ tracks that you can use anytime
Download this mental health tracker app for Android and iOS

What's Up?

Apple 4.4
android 4.6

On this one of the best free apps for depression and anxiety, you get expert help supported by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods. One of the top free mental health apps existing today helps you in different ways like providing methods to overcome 12 common negative thinking patterns and simple breathing exercises among others.

What's Up? provides a comprehensive collection of features to promote mental health and emotional resiliency. Furthermore, the app includes ten insightful metaphors to assist people in coping with bad feelings. Its detailed diary function enables users to organize their thoughts and feelings, even grading their emotions on a scale for self-awareness. 

You can use a positive and negative habit tracker to develop goals to reinforce good behaviors while breaking bad ones. During stressful times, the disaster scale can help put situations into perspective. What's Up? prioritizes privacy with a passcode option, and data syncing and backup ensure that your data is always safe.

Features of this one of the best free mental health apps

  • Includes breathing exercises
  • Comes with a positive and negative habit tracker
  • Includes 70+ positive quotes
  • Offers a comprehensive diary to help you in recording your feelings and thoughts
Download this one of the best free mental health apps for Android and iOS

LetGOH - Addiction Recovery

Apple 3.0

As the name suggests, this one of the best therapy apps is designed to help you in ditching your addictions. This one of the best free mental health apps comes with tools and programs that are divided into steps and suitable for addictions such as Gambling, Alcoholism, Narcotics Addiction, and more.

LetGOH also aids you in tracking your emotional sobriety progress through self-evaluation of your well-being. LetGOH lets you plan your day by providing a customizable checklist upon waking up and maintains track of your daily activities. It works as a daily tracker app, recording all of the nice things you accomplish during the day.

The "LetGOH - Addiction Recovery" app is free and provides crucial tools and support for individuals on their road to recovery. With the premium subscription, users can build a sponsorship link with others, fostering a greater sense of accountability and support within the recovery community.

Features of this one of the top apps to help with mental health

  • Curated guides to help you in ditching addictions
  • Silent meditation techniques that are helpful
  • Free access to its features
  • 12-steps recovery plans
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Rootd - Panic Attack & Anxiety Relief

Apple 4.8
android 4.5

Another one of the best mental health therapy apps, Rootd is designed to help users throughout panic and anxiety attacks. The award-winning mental fitness app for women and men has been recognized by Time Magazine and Healthline among others. The approach that this one of the best free mental health apps uses is making you aware of the ways that can help you defeat your anxieties. Deep breathing, anxiety journals, soothing visuals, and statistics among others are a few ways that help users counter anxiety attacks.

Users of Rootd receive access to a spectrum of therapist-approved tools and features to effectively face and conquer anxiety and panic attacks. The panic button provides quick relief, assisting people through stressful situations. The anxiety notebook gives a safe space to communicate thoughts and emotions, while guided deep breathing exercises encourage calm.

Rootd also includes relaxing visuals, a statistics page to measure progress, and emergency contacts for enhanced security. Engaging lessons inside the program helps users better understand and control anxiety, resulting in enhanced confidence and emotional well-being.

Features of this one of the top mental health apps

  • Therapist-approved panic button for immediate anxiety relief
  • Includes deep breathing exercises and other methods to counter panic attacks
  • Acess valuable lessons to soothe and calm your mind
  • Panic button to help with panic attacks with the help of CBT
Download this mental health tracker app for Android and iOS

InnerHour: Self-Care Therapy

Apple 3.7
android 4.4

In this one of the top healthcare apps for the mind, you can find activities and habits that are beneficial for your mental health. The app also includes daily inspirations in the form of quotes that will make you feel positive. As one of the top free apps, you can access its features to counter anxiety and sleep better.

Features of this one of the top apps to help with depression

  • Tools to help you in countering anxiety
  • Methods to help in sleeping better
  • Self-care activities based on CBT
  • Goal tracker to help in recording the mental wellness progress
Download this one of the top apps for anxiety for Android and iOS

GG OCD Anxiety & Depression

Apple 4.7
android 4.7

Popular as one of the best mental health apps, GG OCD Anxiety & Depression is designed to target OCD and anxiety to get rid of them with 3-4 minutes of exercise daily. The app helps you fight your anxiety and also claims that its users have felt positive changes in their mental health within 24 days of regularly following the course. Clinical psychologists also recognize the mental wellness app as an expert procedure.

Key Features of GG OCD: One of the top AI healthcare apps

  • Includes habits that can get rid of OCDs and anxieties
  • Comes with 3-minute daily programs
  • Used by expert clinical psychologists
  • Helpful for self-criticism, rumination, perfectionism, anxieties, and more
Download this one of the best mental health tracker apps for Android and iOS

PTSD Coach

Apple 4.7
android 4.6

PTSD Coach was designed for veterans and military service members to help them overcome and understand PTSD. The app works like a guide and an informative tool for everything that should be known about PTSD and strategies to overcome it. From anger management to helping in relaxing mentally and physically, this one of the best free mental health apps offers a variety of helpful methods for its users.

Features of this one of the top mental health apps

  • Free to use
  • Includes guides and information about PTSD
  • Assessment charts to display the progress
  • Tools like Change your Perspective, Ambient Sounds, and more to help
Download this one of the best mental fitness apps for Android and iOS

Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression

Apple 4.8
android 4.5

With this free mental health app, you can access help anytime and anywhere you need. There are guided journeys to help you in meditating, think positively, push off anxieties, and more. You can set goals, and this one of the best free mental health apps will provide you with customized tools to assist you. As per official data shared by Sanvello, over 40 million Americans have picked the Sanvello Premium service to include in their health plans.

The app asks you how you're doing so that you can monitor your emotions and development over time. Sanvello will offer tailored tools that are based on cognitive behavioral therapy as patterns are discovered to keep you moving toward feeling better.

Sanvello offers a community of millions of people who are also in the same emotional state of mind. Connect with like-minded people and share your sorrows and get a fresh perspective of life. 

Features of this one of the top apps for mental health

  • Free to install
  • Guided journeys designed by experts
  • Therapy feature is only available in the US in some states
  • New challenges regularly to help you throughout the journey
Download this one of the best mental health therapy apps for Android and iOS

MindDoc: Your Companion

Apple 4.7
android 4.4

This one of the top AI healthcare apps is designed by expert clinical psychologists who teamed up with leading researchers. This mental health app is designed to help you cope with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or insomnia. Whether you want to learn or like support, you can rely on this AI therapy app.

The biggest feature of the MindDoc app is the extensive library of video classes and activities covering subjects like "understanding depression" and "mindfulness." The questions, insights, courses, and exercises that MindDoc provides you with were created by a number of famous clinical psychologists, and they are all in line with the global treatment recommendations for mental diseases. 

The medical technology MindDoc monitoring and self-management application provides continuous long-term sign and symptom monitoring of common mental disorders. These teachings are supplemented with classes and exercises. Users are able to identify patterns in the development of their symptoms as a result, which can then be shared with a mental health expert and utilized for self-management.

Features of this one of the top apps to help with depression

  • Free to install
  • Designed by experts
  • Allows creating logs for mood
  • Libraries filled with courses and exercises
Download this mental health tracker app for Android and iOS

Ten Percent Happier- Meditation & Sleep

Apple 4.8
android 4.5

This mental healthcare app is designed with more than 500 meditation guides on different topics based on real lives. You can also explore small stories, wisdom, and much more within a single app to improve your mental well-being effectively. Ranked among the best mental health apps, Ten Percent Happier is free, however, a few features are paid for that you can pay and access if you need them.

You can take up these tasks every day and monitor your streak. Ten Percent Happier also includes a selection of sleep tales that will promote deeper and faster sleep. You can always choose the ideal guided meditation for the scenario from the app's library of more than 500 meditations on topics like anxiety, parenthood, and attention.

There is also a sleeping area featuring relaxing meditations to aid in getting (and staying) asleep. To help you truly reflect while you're by yourself, the app regularly releases fresh content. With ten percent Happier Meditation, you can look for brief meditations that are simple to fit into your busy life.

Features of this one of the top mental health apps

  • Free to install
  • Bite-size wisdom and stories
  • 500+ guided meditations
  • New content released weekly
Download this one of the best online therapy apps for Android and iOS

MoodTools - Depression Aid

Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Tracking your mood isn’t easy, so MoodTools - Depression Aid app is designed to offer comprehensive support and aid for individuals battling depression. The app includes mood tracking, thought journaling, and guided relaxation exercises, allowing users to gain insights into their emotional patterns and develop effective coping strategies. Through informative articles and coping assessments, the app equips users with valuable insights and techniques to navigate depression.

MoodTools provides a variety of tools based on scientific research that can help users improve their emotional well-being. These tools are useful resources for controlling and enhancing one's mood because they are based on well-respected therapeutic techniques. The Thought Diary element of the program helps users uncover and challenge unfavorable thought patterns that are based on Cognitive Therapy principles. 

In addition, MoodTools offers helpful data, resources for independent study, and online support. Users can access a curated collection of mood-enhancing videos, ranging from guided meditations to motivational TED speeches, and complete the PHQ-9 depression questionnaire to evaluate the intensity of symptoms over time. 

Key Features of one of the best mental health apps

  • Mood tracking for better self-awareness
  • Thought journaling to facilitate cognitive reflection
  • Guided relaxation exercises for stress reduction
  • Informative articles
  • Coping assessments
Download this one of the top mental health apps


Apple 4.7
android 4.1

Are you aware of your mental health? If not, then Moodfit is a mobile app you must try. It helps users to enhance their mental well-being and emotional resilience. The app empowers individuals to take proactive steps toward better mental health. It offers diverse features, including mood tracking, guided meditations, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises, and personalized self-care plans. Moodfit provides users with a holistic toolkit to manage stress, anxiety, and depression effectively.

A comprehensive toolkit for improving your mental health is available from MoodFit. It functions primarily as a mood journal, assisting you in being more aware of and understanding your feelings. MoodFit may also be your daily mental health partner because it helps you develop unique daily objectives that incorporate healthy routines like gratitude, breathwork, and mindfulness. 

Additionally, MoodFit enables you to keep a gratitude journal, which rewires your brain to notice and value the good things in life. The program instructs you in learning and practicing mindfulness meditation, which can greatly reduce stress, and combines breathing exercises to help you quickly feel calm.

Key Features of one of the best free mental health apps

  • Mood tracking
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Personalized self-care plans
  • Guided meditations for relaxation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises 
Download this one of the best apps for mental health for free

Youper Therapy

Apple 4.8
android 4.4

This one of the best therapy apps ensures that you have access to online therapy sessions in the most affordable way possible even without insurance. As a trial, you can also get one free assessment to make sure the app is worth your investment or not. With this one of the top mental fitness apps, you can seek help for depression, anxiety, and insomnia among others.

Youper uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, the scientifically proven way to calm anxiety and improve your mood. CBT is based on practical exercises to help you think more clearly, deal with stressful situations, and take control of your emotions.

With Youper, you can easily manage your stress, cope with anxiety, and ultimately improve your overall mental health. With the right guidance and features in the app, you can build self-esteem and foster stronger relationships. Plus, you can deal with stressful situations and also fight negative thinking and toxic talks. 

Features of this one of the top mental health apps

  • Virtual consultations with real experts
  • One free assessment
  • AI-supported mental health analytical charts
  • 24/7 chat support
Download this mental health tracker app for Android and iOS

Insight Timer - Meditation App

Apple 4.9
android 4.8

Insight Timer is a top-tier meditation app, renowned among mental health apps, dedicated to nurturing well-being through mindfulness. The app caters to diverse needs, promoting mental clarity, emotional resilience, and various meditation durations, and styles. It is making suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

The abundance of guided meditations accessible makes it simple to find sessions that suit your preferences and goals. Whether you want to start a daily meditation practice or are rushed for time, you can select sessions based on their length. A vast music collection and background noise selection are also provided by the application to help you relax, fall asleep more easily, focus more, and calm your mind.

With the help of Insight Timer's most popular meditation timer, you may personalize your meditation sessions. You can follow the teachings of your chosen meditation masters and be a part of a vibrant community through discussion groups. As you start your mindfulness journey, Insight Timer also offers thorough metrics and milestones to help you track your progress.

Key Features of one of the top mental health apps

  • Vast library of guided meditations
  • Meditation durations and styles
  • Supportive community for connection
  • Timer for self-guided meditation sessions
  • Sleep tools for relaxation and better sleep patterns
Download one of the AI apps for mental health

BetterHelp - Therapy

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

Reaching therapists isn’t an easy task, so BetterHelp is a leading online therapy platform that caters to a wide range of mental health concerns. It offers personalized counseling for depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and more. Clients can communicate with their therapists through messaging, live chat, phone, or video calls, ensuring flexibility and comfort.

BetterHelp offers you about 30,000 therapists, and each of them acquires at least 3 years of experience and 1000 hours of hands-on experience. All the therapists are completely licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists, marriage and relationship therapists, clinical social workers, or have similar credentials. 

BetterHelp provides access to helpful and instructional group webinars in addition to one-on-one counseling, ensuring a comprehensive approach to mental health. With the help of these tools, BetterHelp gives users the ability to take control of their mental health journey in a flexible and individualized way. Additionally, you have the choice to plan live sessions with your therapist or use the encrypted messaging for faster support.

Key Features of one of the best mental health apps of 2023

  • Access to licensed therapists
  • Flexible communication options
  • Wide range of mental health support
  • Confidential and secure virtual sessions 
  • Convenient and accessible platform
Download to improve your mental health conditions

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Apple 3.7
android 4.1

"Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame" is an engaging and educational app encouraging children. The app helps them to navigate challenging situations by incorporating mindful breathing, critical thinking, and decision-making. Through interactive storytelling and fun activities, kids learn to manage emotions, practice self-regulation, and confidently tackle everyday hurdles. 

Children can explore five interactive games on this app, each of which presents a different problem they face on a daily basis. They can tap, bust bubbles, and perform other enjoyable activities to help the endearing monster breathe, think, and act in order to address issues and feel better. The unique feature of this software is the option to customize the motivating sayings that your youngster will hear when they assist the monster in coming up with a strategy. 

The app also includes a unique "Breathe with the Monster" exercise that instructs kids on how to use deep breathing to reduce tension and anxiety. It is a useful tool for both children and their carers since parents will find a comprehensive Parent Section packed with helpful tools to manage and address everyday issues with their young child.

Key Features of one of the best mental health AI apps

  • Emotional resilience building
  • Mindful breathing exercises
  • Supportive environment
  • Critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Nurturing app fostering emotional intelligence
Download one of the top mental health apps

I Am Sober

Apple 4.9
android 4.8

I Am Sober is a powerful and supportive mobile app that provides a personalized toolkit to track and maintain sobriety from various addictive behaviors, such as alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Users can set achievable goals, celebrate milestones, and receive uplifting messages from a vibrant community of peers.

The app features a Sober Day Tracker that analyzes and visualizes for how long have you been sober and reminds you why you want to quit with positive affirmations, photos, several reasons, and lessons from some successful people. You can also access the Sobriety Calculator which shows how much money and time you have saved by being sober. 

With the Daily Pledge Tracker in the app you can take a pledge everyday since Sobriety is a 24-hour struggle, thus iSober makes the day easier for you by just taking a pledge every morning so that you can start afresh and with utmost motivation.

Key Features of the best mental health treatment app

  • Personalized toolkit for tracking sobriety
  • Mental health support through community
  • Goal setting and milestone celebration
  • Daily pledges and progress tracking
  • Coping strategies and resources for support
Download this AI app for mental health

Worry Watch: Anxiety & Mood

Apple 4.6

Worries can be tracked, isn’t it weird? But no, Worry Watch: Anxiety & Mood app is all you need to know about. The app allows users to track their worries, anxiety levels, and moods systematically. You can get valuable insights and coping strategies by logging and analyzing their emotional patterns. The app employs evidence-based techniques to promote self-awareness and emotional regulation, offering mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques. 

For people who want to efficiently control their anxiety and mood, the "Worry Watch" app is a potent tool. This ground-breaking program, which is based on cognitive science principles, provides users with a wide variety of features to aid them in their journeys toward better mental health. People can record their fears and thoughts in a guided anxiety notebook, which can help them better understand their emotional patterns. 

Users can better understand their mental condition by tracking their emotional well-being over time with regular mood check-ins. The guided positive reinforcements offered by "Worry Watch" encourage the development of a resilient attitude. The app's beneficial features enable users to take proactive measures for improved mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Key Features of one of the best mental health AI apps

  • Comprehensive tracking 
  • Analysis of emotional patterns
  • Personalized progress reports
  • Empowering individuals to manage anxiety
  • Evidence-based mindfulness relaxation techniques
Download this app to improve your mental health conditions


Apple 4.9
android 3.0

iBreathe is a mobile app that offers guided breathing exercises suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It focuses on deep, intentional breaths to reduce stress and anxiety and promote mindfulness. You can tailor their practice to suit their needs and preferences through customizable breathing sessions and visual cues.

iBreathe has a very simple and easy-to-use interface and offers pre-defined exercises specifically designed to help people fight depression, anxiety, stress, and sadness. You can easily create your own breathing exercises like inhale, exhale, hold, and cycle, and also create reminders to breathe throughout the day.

To learn the importance and the benefits of deep breathing exercises, you can review the recommended literature pieces from prominent authors like James Nestor, Wim Hof, and more.  The app works great on all iOS devices and can easily connect with the Apple Watch App. Plus, you can also add the lock screens widget for quick access to iBreathe.

Features will help to fight the mental health challenges

  • Guided breathing exercises
  • Customizable sessions for beginners and experienced
  • Focus on intentional breaths to promote mindfulness
  • Visual cues to enhance the breathwork experience
  • Therapeutic benefits for reducing anxiety
Download the best mental health treatment app

NOCD: OCD Therapy and Tools

Apple 4.9
android 4.0

With gaining ground to combat practices NOCD: OCD Therapy and Tools is an AI app that offers evidence-based therapy and tools to guide users through their OCD treatment journey. With a user-friendly interface, NOCD empowers individuals to work with licensed therapists through live video sessions, message exchanges, and daily check-ins.

NOCD’s extensive therapist network includes licensed counselors, psychologists, and social workers. Every NOCD Therapist receives specialty training in exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy, the most effective OCD treatment. All NOCD therapists are managed by our clinical leadership team of experts who have 20+ years of experience treating OCD and have designed some of the world’s top OCD treatment programs.

With NOCD, you can easily match with an OCD therapist who can match with your preferences, and get a personalized OCD treatment plan. You can also interact with a community of people who can relate with you and your feelings.

Key Features of an AI app for mental health

  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Access to licensed therapists
  • Customizable Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) exercises
  • Structured support for users
  • Comprehensive tools
Download one of the best apps for mental health for free use

Bearable - Symptom Tracker

Apple 4.7
android 4.6

Frustrated with your mental health crisis? Don’t worry Bearable app will help you keep and improve your health records. The app allows users to log and track various symptoms, medications, activities, and moods effortlessly. With this, users can customize their dashboards, set health goals, and receive personalized reports to better manage chronic conditions and overall wellness.

The purpose of Bearable is to educate individuals on how various medical interventions and prescription drugs affect common health conditions like anxiety, depression, pain, and exhaustion. Additionally, people use Bearable to discover relationships between their behaviors and health, find triggers, assist with medical appointments, manage pre-existing diseases, and detect triggers.

Bearable healps you to record your mood, energy, symptoms, habits, medication, and bowel movements, in just seconds. Now, it is easy to spot correlations, patterns, and trends in your health easily and also be completelt ready for you next doctors appointment with the help of Bearable. 

Key Features of one of the best free mental health apps

  • Illness symptom tracking
  • Integration with wearable devices
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Goal setting for better management
  • User-friendly interface
Download this one of the best mental health apps

Cerebral - Mental Health

Apple 4.6
android 4.2

Cerebral is one of the best mental health apps dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to better mental well-being. With a focus on accessibility and personalized care, the app offers various mental health services, including therapy, medication management, and counseling. The platform connects users with licensed mental health professionals.

The Cerebral app provides a full range of functions that are intended to improve your mental health treatment experience. You can easily manage your mental health journey with this user-friendly software, participate in seamless telehealth visits, and connect with your dedicated care team.

The Cerebral app's unique feature allows you to take part in one-on-one telemedicine consultations at your own pace. You can now connect with your certified or credentialed mental health care provider through video or phone calls, at your convenience, and say goodbye to the inconvenience of traveling to appointments. Your ability to prioritize your mental health while maintaining your busy schedule is enabled by this flexibility.

Key Features of one of the top mental health apps

  • Easily accessible mental health platform 
  • Access to licensed mental health professionals
  • Convenient and secure virtual sessions
  • Customized care plans
  • Ongoing support
Download this best free mental health apps

CBT-i Coach

Apple 3.3
android 3.5

Are you a night owl and unable to sleep well? CBT-i Coach is an app you need the most. The app is developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It helps individuals to improve their sleep patterns and overcome insomnia through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i). With user-friendly features, the app provides education on sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques to promote better sleep. 

The goal of CBT-i Coach is to supplement direct care from a medical expert. Although it can be used independently, it is not meant to take the place of therapy for individuals who require it. Moreover, the major goal of CBT-i Coach is to supplement direct care from a medical expert.

CBT i-Coach is a collaborative effort between VA’s National Center for PTSD, Stanford School of Medicine, and DoD’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology. The app can seamlessly work effectively with Apple Health App and FitBit. 

Key Features of one of the top mental health apps

  • CBT-i helps you with insomnia and improved sleep
  • Education on sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques
  • Personalized sleep schedules to establish better sleep patterns
  • Interactive tools like thought records and sleep logs
  • Evidence-based app for effective insomnia management
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Circles - Emotional Support

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There are many times when a person feels low in their emotions and can’t help themselves in dealing with that feelings. So Circles is an emotional support app that brings individuals together in a nurturing and empathetic community. With a focus on mental health and well-being, the app offers a safe space for people to connect, share experiences, and receive support from peers facing similar mental health challenges.

Circles offer free audio-only group support so you can talk about it anywhere, anytime, with others who get it, whether you're dealing with bereavement, getting over a divorce, or managing chronic health concerns. Share your journey's highs and lows with those who are also traveling it. 

Get support and advice from guides who are interested in your well-being. Know that even when facing life's most difficult obstacles, you are not alone. Anyone looking for guided and communal group support can use Circles for free. Drop by the voice rooms whenever you need group help from wherever you are.

Key Features of one of the best mental health apps

  • Nurturing emotional support community
  • Real-time chat for meaningful conversations
  • Promotes self-expression
  • Valuable insights into emotional health 
  • Empowers individuals to build a network
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Twenty-Four Hours a Day

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This one of the best mental health apps developed by BookMobile is designed to make the self-care part easier for you. Moreover, with Thought of the Day and Meditation of the Day, you get to focus on the well-being of your peace. Twenty-Four Hours a Day, along with a book of the same name, has been helping people with addiction and other mental health issues since 1954.

The app is quite simple yet a very effective aid to help anyone relate with the twelve steps to add in their everyday life that will help people with AA and NA find the power of staying sober. 

With Twenty-Four Hours a Day, you can now bookmark your favorite meditations by pressing the star in the upper right corner) and easily return to them by pressing the star in the bottom toolbar. You can also receive a notification every day to remind you to read the daily affirmations. 

Features of this app for mental health

  • The app is enriched with quotes in the form of Meditation for the Day and Thought of the Day quotes
  • It includes 366 searchable messages for your mental well-being
  • By pressing on the TODAY option, you access a new thought every day
  • Use the calendar to reach on a specific meditation
  • Customize the size of the font as per your convenience
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Twif - To do What I fear

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This iOS-exclusive mental health app is a wonderful invention to assist you with your well-being. Twif is designed to assist you in overcoming the fears that hold you back. With an in-built tracker, Twif makes sure you have strategies impactful enough to help you in defeating your fears.

According to Dr. Liz Matheis, a licensed clinical psychologist, the Twif app is a fantastic addition to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) between sessions, assisting people to continually work on their beliefs and concerns for leading a fulfilled life. The app comes pre-loaded with 25 common phobias and 50 effective coping mechanisms. You can also include your personal concerns and defense mechanisms.

By reinforcing positive thinking and boosting confidence through affirmation cards and reminders, Twif helps rewire your subconscious mind. The app already includes more than 100 potent affirmations. You are also welcome to include your own affirmations and messages. Twif provides statistics with insights that help face the fears systematically by identifying the cognitive biases and balancing the different life aspects.


Features of this one of the best apps for depression and anxiety

  • Follow pre-defined strategies included in this one of the best mental health apps 2021 to overcome 25+ types of fears
  • Add customized fears or strategies as well, if you do not find the related information
  • Follow the calendar view to keep a track of your progress to overcome the fear
  • Explore insights into this one of the top mental health apps to systematically identify cognitive biases
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What are the benefits of using mental health apps?

These free mental health apps can provide a number of advantages to those looking for help and support with their mental health. Among the principal benefits are:

1. Accessibility and Convenience

Through smartphones or other devices, users may access mental health apps at any time and anywhere for quick help and services.

2. Anonymity and Privacy

With mental health apps rather than with human specialists, many people feel more at ease discussing delicate concerns, ensuring greater anonymity and lowering the fear of being judged.

3. 24/7 Availability

When traditional mental health treatments may not be available or are not immediately available, mental health AI apps can offer round-the-clock availability, offering rapid assistance and coping mechanisms.

4. Personalization

Advanced AI algorithms may modify the app's replies and content to reflect user preferences and requirements, providing specialized coping mechanisms and interventions.

5. Early Detection and Prevention

Mental health apps can recognize trends and spot early indications of problems, allowing users to get prompt expert care and avert disasters.

6. Reducing Stigma

Utilizing the best apps for mental health may help individuals feel more comfortable seeking care, hence lowering the stigma attached to mental health issues.

7. Learning and Self-Understanding

AI applications frequently give users insightful information about their mental health habits, assisting them in better understanding their feelings and behavior.

8. Supplemental Support

While AI mental health apps cannot take the place of real therapists, they can supplement conventional treatment by providing resources, coping mechanisms, and continuing support in between sessions.

9. Cost-Effective

A larger audience may now obtain mental health help because of the fact that mental health apps are frequently less expensive than conventional treatment.

10. Empowerment

Using mental health apps empowers individuals to manage their mental well-being actively, fostering a sense of control and self-empowerment.

It's important to note that top mental health apps can benefit many individuals, they are not a substitute for professional mental health care, especially in severe cases. People experiencing severe mental health issues should seek assistance from licensed mental health professionals or medical practitioners.

These benefits can lead users to improve their mental health in a better way. So here are some AI-based tricks you must try as they can help you cure your mental health issues.

How to Cure your mental health with Therapy Apps?

Selecting the best free mental health apps for yourself can enhance your well-being. Here are some elaborated pointers to help you make an informed choice:

1. Research and Read Reviews

Research various AI mental health apps in app stores. Read user reviews and testimonials to understand their effectiveness and user experience.

2. Credentials and Credibility

Look for apps developed or endorsed by reputable mental health organizations, universities, or healthcare professionals. Check if the app's creators have relevant expertise in mental health or AI.

3. Privacy and Security

Ensure the app has a clear and transparent privacy policy, safeguarding your personal information. It should comply with data protection regulations and maintain strict security measures.

4. Evidence-Based Approach

Choose apps that use evidence-based techniques and interventions. Look for scientific research or clinical trials supporting the app's efficacy.

5. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly app with a clear layout and easy navigation enhances the overall experience and ensures seamless usage.

6. Customization

Opt for apps that offer personalized experiences based on your needs and preferences. Customization allows the app to address your specific mental health concerns effectively.

7. Range of Features

Check the mental health apps’ features and offerings. It should go beyond just tracking mood and offer a variety of tools like mindfulness exercises, coping strategies, self-help resources, and guided meditations.

8. Real-Time Support

Some apps may offer real-time support or crisis helplines. Ensure there are clear instructions on what to do in case of emergencies.

9. Compatibility and Accessibility

Check if the app is compatible with your device and operating system. Also, consider accessibility features for individuals with disabilities.

10. Free vs. Paid Versions

Determine if the app offers a free trial or a basic version with limited features. Assess if the paid version justifies the cost with additional benefits.

11. Reviews from Professionals

Look for any endorsements or reviews from mental health professionals or organizations recommending the app.

12. Community and Support

Some apps may offer a community feature where users can interact and support each other. This can be beneficial for a sense of belonging and peer support.

13.  Scientific Accuracy

Ensure that any mental health information provided within the app is accurate and aligns with established psychological principles.

14. Updates and Maintenance

Choose regularly updated apps to improve functionality and security and add new features.

15. Trial Period

Use free trial periods to gauge the app's effectiveness and whether it suits your needs.

Remember that AI apps for mental health can be valuable tools. They are not a substitute for professional mental health treatment in severe cases. Consult a licensed mental health professional for comprehensive support and guidance if you have significant concerns.

Final Verdict

The best mental health apps of 2023 deserve attention because of their features and popularity. As we have reviewed every app before listing it here, you can pick the option that you find most suitable for your needs.

On top of that, you can also list your product if you own an app and want to see it in blogs such as this. It will help you understand if there are any potentials that your app can still tackle to grow further in the market.

In the end, we hope you found this blog helpful. We will see you again with a new technology blog soon, meanwhile, do not forget to explore MobileAppDaily to read some well-researched tech industry blogs.

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