10 Best Mobile Payment Apps to Try in 2023

More than 1 billion people shopped through the best mobile payment apps this year. Let us analyze the frontrunners in this market vertical.
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September 28, 2023
Best Mobile Payment Apps
The days are long gone when you had to carry the hard cash for payment purposes. Life became a bit easier with the inclusion of debit and credit cards. With these cards, you can make payments on the go. You are not required to have an account in every city you visit. Just swipe the card in the machine, and the cash will flow into your hands.

But sometimes, even the card payment machines are hard to come by. To cater to such concerns, there came the comfort of making peer-to-peer payments through the mobile phone itself, and we all know how extensively mobile phones are used nowadays.

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As per world reports, the global mobile payment app market is touted to touch the mind-boggling figures of US$ 3.08 trillion by 2024, with more than 40% of smartphone users making at least a single purchase using these payment apps. These statistics highlight the significant jump in mobile payments over the past few years. Today, we will be telling you about the best mobile payment apps that you should try.

Best Mobile Payment Apps In 2023

Take a look at the top ten payment apps that have dominated the first half of this year and can help you make mobile payments:

Google Pay

Apple 4.4
android 4.1

As of date, Google Pay is one of the best mobile payment apps out there. It has proven to be safe, simple, and efficient for users to manage their money. The app also provides its users with a clear picture of their entries,  spending, and savings.  Since there is a large number of businesses that accept Google Pay,  it becomes easy for users to pay at their favorite places and even earn rewards for everyday payments with one of the most famous payment apps. 

The feature that makes it different from all the other such services is that the recipient doesn’t need the app to get the money in their account, and this option makes the app more serviceable and demanding.

Features of Google Pay, one of the best mobile payment apps

  • Send and receive money easily from friends, family, and even groups for trips, dinner, bills, rent, and more. Google Pay even helps to divide the bill
  • Money transfers are instant and free with this best digital wallet app
  • Pay with a smartphone anywhere contactless payments are accepted
  • Quick access to user’s transactions, loyalty cards, and offers
  • Order a meal from nearby restaurants, find nearby gas stations, see prices, and pay for fuel right from the app
  • Reminders about upcoming bill payments
  • Earn rewards and get cashback 
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Apple 4.9
android 4.4

Under the aegis of PayPal Inc., Venmo is a fast, safe, and social way to make payments. With more than 65 million people as its subscribers, it is one of the most popular payment apps out there as of now. From monthly bills to special celebrations, Venmo takes care of all payments. It’s a mobile payment app that lets users spend however they want.

As one of the most efficient mobile payment apps options, Venmo lets the users split even the smallest bill amount, from sharing the room rent to sharing the grocery bill. Apart from this, the users can also send and receive money through this mobile payment app by directly linking it to the debit card bank account.

Features of Venmo mobile payment app

  • Send and receive money and divide it equally for users' share of rent. Add a note to each payment as well
  • Users may earn up to 3% cashback on their eligible top spend category
  • Shop with the Venmo Debit Card
  • The option of a unique business QR code is also available with this one of the popular payments app
  • Platforms like Uber Eats, StockX, Grubhub, Zola, etc. support Venmo
  • Instant Transfer options are available
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Samsung Pay

android 4.6

Samsung Pay is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment app. The users can add their credit cards & debit cards to their Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Amongst the prominent mobile wallet apps, Samsung Pay India also supports Paytm Wallet for wallet payment methods (Scan QR Code, Show QR Code, and Sending Money using phone number) and bank transfers through the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

The best part about this payment app is that it is accepted at various places and thus, the users never face the trouble of payments anywhere. With advanced protective features and local deals, the mobile payment app is great to use. The users can also buy exclusive gift cards and share them with their friends and family.

Features of Samsung Pay, one of the best mobile payment apps for Android

  • The payment app supports offline payments, Patented Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), and Near Field Communication (NFC) to make contactless mobile payments
  • Samsung Pay works with compatible Point of Sale (POS) terminals, where cards can be swiped or tapped
  • Registered payment using fingerprint or PIN
  • As one of the leading mobile payment apps, Samsung Pay uses leading edge tokenization and authentication methods to secure user information
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Apple 4.8
android 4.2

PayPal is the oldest globally accredited payment platform that has now been transformed into a successful payment app.  PayPal made its mark in the global markets by entering into a payment partnership with eBay, the multinational e-commerce giant. 

PayPal as of date is a unique mobile payment app that has features like ‘pay in 4’ that allows users to pay in 4 interest-free installments across PayPal’s millions of business partner platforms. As one of the top payment apps, PayPal also allows its users to now make payments in terms of cryptocurrency and allows users to send animations while transferring money to friends and family.

Features of the PayPal online payment app

  • A PayPal account lets you check out safer, faster, and easier
  • The users may link their credit or debit card to their bank account
  • With 24/7 transaction monitoring, secure encryption technology, and fraud protection, the payment app provides one of the safest environments for transactions to its users
  • Send money around the world
  • PayPal account helps  users track and monitor every PayPal transaction the users’ make
  • A PayPal account is required by both the sender as well as the receiver for transactions
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Apple 4.8
android 4.3

Zelle is another famous payment app option to transfer money on the go. To do this, you need to have an account in any of the participating banks in the USA. Zelle offers same-day transfers to anyone else with an account at a participating bank.

To use the services of one of the most famous mobile payment apps, you don’t need to download Zelle explicitly. Though the online payment app is available to download for free on the app stores, the users are required to create a primary account with the platform partner banks to make the payment app work.

Features of Zelle, one of the best online payment apps

  • Zelle, as a major mobile payment app, has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the USA
  • The payment app provides its users a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family
  • Money moves quickly within the payment app as it enables direct bank account to bank account transfers
  • The payment app is mostly a part of the users’ mobile banking apps or online banking platforms
  • The recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number is only required to set transactions easily and safely
  • Zelle does not charge any fees 
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Xoom Money Transfer

Apple 4.8
android 4.7

The Xoom App is one of the best payment apps that enables its users to send money to their friends and family globally, quickly, and conveniently. The payment app users can make payments or pay their bills straight from their phones while sitting anywhere around the world. 

Under the aegis of PayPal, Xoom as an online payment app is a faster and more secure way of sending money directly to bank accounts and even for cash pick-ups around the world.

Features of Xoom Money Transfer, one of the most popular payments apps

  • Send money abroad in a fast and secure manner through this payment app
  • The users may send money directly from their phone to bank accounts
  • Enjoy cash delivery services around the world
  • Top-up phones in minutes
  • Get text updates and access to help
  • Get customer service in multiple languages
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Apple 4.1
android 4.6

Wise is one of the best apps for payment that allows its users to send and receive money internationally in more than 80 countries. 50% of transfers made using the app are instant or arrive within an hour. As the best online payment app, Wise has digitized all payments for its customers and helps them save on exchange rates and fees for all their overseas expenses. 

Features of Azimo, one of the top payment apps

  • Features of Wise, one of the top payment apps
  • Enable users to make instant or one-hour international payments to 80+ countries
  • Transactions are done securely anywhere, anytime
  • Users can sign up in minutes and make an online transfer
  • Keep up-to-date with instant push notifications
  • Convert between currencies instantly
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Apple 3.7
android 3.8

Circle Pay is one of the leading apps for payment as it tends to make sending money to friends and family easy. Circle Pay is one of the few payment apps out there that lets its users easily transfer money to friends, whether they are at home or abroad. Also, the payment app insures all deposits, which are held in US dollars, to a sum of $250,000.

Features of Circle Pay, one of the best payment apps

  • The user needs to create an account on the online payment app, enter an amount, and charge credit and debit cards to help build business
  • It only takes a minute to download and sign up on the payment app
  • Quick and easy payment system
  • Insurance included
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Square’s Cash App

Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Cash App is one of the best apps for sending money as it enables the users to send, spend, save, and invest their money in the safest and fastest manner. The inherently free online payment app protects user records, including payments made and investments done with a passcode, TouchID, or FaceID. The users can easily halt their spendings on the ‘Cash’ payment app with one tap if they misplace it. An account with the Cash App helps users in routing numbers to receive deposits up to two days earlier than in standard banks.

Features of Square Cash, one of the best mobile payment apps

  • The payment app enables its users to send and receive money at no cost
  • The users get a completely free virtual Visa debit card in minutes
  • The payment app allows its users to invest in their favorite stocks, with commission-free as little as $1
  • The sign-up process is simple and fast
  • Receive, request, and send money to friends and family instantly
  • Cash App is the easiest way to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw Bitcoin
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Facebook Messenger

Apple 4.1
android 4.2

Facebook Messenger is one of the top payment apps in the USA. Facebook Messenger is the company’s enhancement in the online payment app domain.  The payment app offers financial transaction-related options to its users, apart from the social messaging functionalities. The company has integrated payment services into Facebook Messenger. 

Available only in the US, the mobile payment app requires its users to be 18 years and above to use their services of transferring money. The user may then add their Visa or Mastercard debit card to their Facebook account to get going. To secure payments and accounts, the users may add a pin for authentication purposes.

Features of Facebook Messenger, one of the best mobile payment apps

  • Send money to the UK, US, and France with ease
  • Option to add a PayPal account in the U.S
  • Chat with friends and family
  •  Send and receive money securely and easily
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So, these are the best mobile payment apps that come in handy while making mobile payments or money transfers. If you are still not familiar with any of these apps, we suggest that you start learning the basics of these apps because the concept of hard cash is going to vanish soon.

We hope you like our report and found the perfect app for your needs. If you have any questions, or if you want to get your app reviewed, contact MobileAppDaily. 

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