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Kdan PDF Reader Review- Modify PDFs Easily

Merge, Split, and do more with PDFs in seconds!

Kdan PDF Reader

PDFs have become a part of our daily professional lives with an unmatchable speed. From resumes for job hunts to encrypted files like bank statements, PDF is one of the most common document formats being used currently. Thus, the requirement for tools that can fix mistakes in PDFs has also increased.

In this blog, we have picked one of such leading tools called Kdan, the best PDF reader for Mac. We will go through its features and rate the product accordingly, so stick with us until the end of the Kdan app review.

Background of the Kdan app PDF editor Mac

Founded by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd., the Kdan PDF editor software for Mac was launched in 2013. Now, many top app development companies are using the Kdan PDF document reader to edit, fix, create, and resize PDFs easily. There are many other usages of the Kdan PDF reader as well, which we will discuss later in this blog.

The purpose of building the Kdan PDF editor app is to give users an experience that provides them the freedom from hectic PDF-related tasks.

- Founder, Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.

Features of the Kdan PDF editor Mac

Furthermore, we are shortlisting a few top Kdan PDF editor app features to make this Kdan PDF reader review more authentic. It will also help us in rating the best PDF reader for Mac better.

1. Create and combine PDFs

Organize pages in PDFs

The Kdan PDF editor Mac lets you create new PDF pages or combine multiple PDF pages already existing. You can create groups of multiple pages easily with the PDF document reader and it does not require any advanced knowledge at all.

2. OCR to extract text from images

Detect and extract text from image

Kdan PDF editor software for Mac is smart enough to detect texts from images and scanned PDFs with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Thus, you do not need to type everything again. Instead, you can scan the image with the PDF document reader and make a PDF out of it. This one of the best mobile scan apps scans accurate data if used in proper lighting.

3. Review, mark, and modify PDFs

annotate and highlight PDF

If you are trying to fix a PDF document, then the Kdan PDF editor app can provide you all the tools you need. The software lets you highlight, strike out, and underline texts from the PDF. Moreover, you can add stamps that you have already designed and integrate them into the docs.

4. Add signatures, passwords, and more

Protect PDF with encryption

If your PDF requires digital signatures, then the best PDF reader for Mac, Kdan has got your back. You can create signatures using the trackpad or add an image file of the signature saved in your library to the PDF. Moreover, to make PDFs secured, you can encrypt them with strong passwords within seconds. It is advisable to use passwords that you can remember as breaking down Kdan’s encryption is quite hectic and requires very advanced skills.

5. Additional features for more convenience

Edit PDF forms

Additional features that we will talk about in this review of one of the best productivity apps, Kdan PDF reader, are shortlisted due to their popularity. Some of the examples of these advantages are-

  • Edit text content in PDFs
  • Convert PDFs to Microsoft Office, text, and image files 
  • Rotating or deleting individual PDF pages
  • Night mode to keep eyes safe at night
  • Presenting PDFs as slideshows
  • Opening multiple PDFs into separate tabs
  • Removing owner authorization and restrictions
  • Merging or splitting PDF pages
  • Adding watermarks

6. Kdan PDF reader pricing plans

The Kdan PDF editor Mac comes with a 7-days free trial with some specific packages. Let’s have a look at the pricing details of these license packages of the Kdan, the best PDF reader for Mac.

Kdan PDF Reader Subscriptions


Document 365 with 1TB storage (Annual)

$59.99 per year (7-days trial)

Document 365 with 1TB storage (Quarterly)

$19.99 per quarter (3-days trial)

Document 365 with 1TB storage (Monthly)

$9.99 per month (3-days trial)

Pro lifetime license

$119.99 (With the in-built converter)

Standard lifetime license

$89.99 (without converter)

Awards and nominations 

The best PDF reader for Mac, Kdan has established its reputation among a huge number of users quite fast. Thus, due to its potential, the founder company of the app has received recognition as well. Let’s have a look at them-

  • 10 Best Software Companies 2018 awarded by Silicon Review
  • Certificate of Merit in the Category of Business and Commercial by Asia Smart App Awards

Pros and cons of the Kdan app for Mac

Well, the Kdan PDF reader review can not truly be completed without taking Kdan’s negative sides into consideration as well. So let’s take a look at its pros and cons before we proceed to the conclusion of the blog.

Pros of the Kdan PDF editor software

  • Comes with a free trial
  • Trusted by over 100 million users
  • Easy to sync across multiple devices
  • Multiple packs suitable for multiple budgets

Cons of the Kdan PDF editor software

  • The trial ends after 7 days (if you are a teacher or student, you can apply for an education offer from Kdan PDF Reader’s product page.)
  • Overcrowded interface
  • Includes ads

MAD Rating

Features- 4.6
Pricing- 4.3
Security- 4.5
Navigation- 4.0

To conclude, this was all for the Kdan PDF reader review. One thing that we can certainly claim after knowing the Kdan PDF reader well is that it is indeed a perfect pick for our documental needs. Well, hopefully, you are now going to give the app a shot and decide for yourself. 

Now, if you own a smartphone app as well and want to get your app reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily experts. It will be good for the marketing of your app and you will also get honest insights from the experts of the industry.

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