News Parent Company Automattic Releases New Happy Tools

The first Happy Tools product is a Happy Schedule, a calendar-based time management app. Parent Company Automattic Releases New Happy Tools

The WordPress parent company Automattic has launched Happy Tools for companies with globally distributed personnel.

The company is planning to turn internal tools into actual products with new work collaboration tools. The initial Happy Tools product is a Happy Schedule. It is a calendar-based time management app built to assist in managing the scheduling of employees and handling the support queries raised inside the organization.

Happy Schedule is similar to Google Calendar instead of SAP product. For example, you can select and drag it to create an event or reminder. You won’t be required to fill it during the start and end time.

Matt Wondra, Automattic product lead for Happy Tools, told TechCrunch,

Further this year, Automattic will start releasing other products to the mix that includes a “customer chat tool”. It will also feature integration with Happy Schedule. Parent Company

She further added,

Automattic, the enterprise behind WooCommerce,, and Jetpack, has launched a new suite of products focused on the ‘future of work’. It continues to release new products for communication, collaboration and work throughout the years.

Automattic’s Wordpress is very popular among marketers and website designers. Wordpress themes are easy to access and user-friendly. Apart from that, we have also covered an article regarding the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress themes, check it out HERE.

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