Her Tech Journey: Women Leading the Charge in the Tech Industry

Meet the women pioneers of the digital age who are transforming the tech landscape with their innovative vision and relentless drive.


Jun 25, 2024

Cynthia Stoddard, The Tech Maven Steering Adobe Forward

Cynthia Stoddard is the senior vice president and CIO at Adobe. Her innovative and strategic vision has reshaped the company’s tech framework. Her role as a CIO is pivotal in Adobe’s ongoing success. 

Kristie Grinnell, Leading DXC Technology’s Digital Revolution

Kristie Grinnell is revolutionizing DXC Technology’s IT landscape with her innovative leadership. As CIO, she’s transforming the company’s approach to digital technology.

Tamara Kostova, The Strategic Genius Behind Velexa

Tamara Kostova is driving Velexa’s success with her visionary leadership. As CEO, she’s leading the company towards unprecedented growth in fintech.

The journey doesn’t end here!

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