Bored of your default iPhone and iPad video player app?

Switch On a theatre-like experience with these top video players.


Dec 08, 2023


1. An age-old video player compatible with most video formats.
2. Supports video resolution up to 8K.
3. Customizable hue, brightness, contrast, and gamma.
4. Includes zoom and speed control up to 0.254 times.


MX Player

1. A powerful media player that doubles as a streaming app.
2. Supports major video formats up to 4k and Dolby Vision.
3. Enables multi-language audio and subtitle channels.
4. On-screen controls are quite easy to use.


PlayerXtreme Video Player

1. 4K video player that comes with an inbuilt screencast.
2. Connects quickly with smart TVs and projectors.
3. Supports most video formats from age-old 3GP to the latest WMV.
4. Allows importing and sorting of videos offline.


Infuse Video Player

1. A simple video player that supports all Apple devices.
2. Offers a huge library of subtitles covering most mainstream media.
3. Allows online streaming of videos as an alternative to website players.
4. Comes with 8 zoom options and gesture controls.


VLC Media Player

1. World’s eldest open source media player.
2. Complete ad-free and free to use.
3. Lets easily import files from Cloud drives, including iCloud.
4. Allows sorting content into well-organized libraries.


OPlayer Lite

1. A lite video player with extensive functionality.
2. Allows live-streaming of videos and music libraries.
3. Supports all video and audio formats.
4. Comes with multiple playback speed options.


Secret Video Vault

1. A powerful video player for offline media.
2. Supports streaming through SMB, UPNP, and WI-FI.
3. Allows secure access through touch ID and face lock.
4. Securely locks media files in a secret vault.


It’s Playing

1. A high-performance media player for up to 1080p resolution.
2. One-click access with background downloading.
3. Allows cloud-hosting of media files to save storage space.
4. Photographic pinch-to-zoom function for every frame of a video.


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