Top TV Remote Apps: Turn Your Smartphone into a Universal Remote

Tired of typing with your Smart TV remote? Replace it with these top remote control apps.


Nov 22, 2023


1) Search using the phone keyboard
2) Control multiple streaming devices and video playbacks
3) Additional features like fast forward and rewind
4) Comes with an accurate voice search feature



1) Gains full control of Smart TV
2) Provides all video playback controls
3) Can extend into a smart device controller
4) Gives access to offline libraries and operates Kodi fully


Google Home

1) An all-in-one smart remote control app
2) Connects easily through home wifi
3) Can control and display the status of all smart home devices
4) Provides volume control of the main TV interface


Unified Remote

1) The free edition has all the remote functions needed with advanced upgrades
2) It is also ideal for Raspberry Pi, Arduino Yun, and similar devices
3) Can connect and control multiple devices
4) Makes home theater management easy


All TV Remote Control

1) A remote app made for Samsung but works on all devices
2) Provides complete control from video playback to power
3) Easily becomes the alternative to general TV remotes
4) Sends IR signals on compatible phones to control TV, AC, or home theater


Unimote Universal TV Remote Control

1) Smart remote control app with a unique pairing code
2) Provides universal access to all smart TVs
3) Comes with a comprehensive program guide
4) Enables screen mirroring for casting from a phone


Amazon Fire TV

1) Connects automatically with Firesticks and Amazon devices
2) Remote voice control for Alexa home devices
3) Gives complete control over all smart TV streaming
4) Has an extensive on-screen keyboard for easy search


So, download these TV remote apps right away to showcase your creativity.

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