Forget About Forgetting Stuff 

Remember Everything Important With These Top Reminder Apps of 2023
(Only for Android Users)


Dec 08, 2023

Google Keep

1. A versatile app to keep text & sketch notes.
2. Create visually appealing notes & colorful checklists.
3. Enable GPS tracking to get nearby errand reminders.
4. Syncs easily with all Google accounts and smart devices.


BZ Reminder

1. A reminder app with the widest range of features.
2. Comes with inbuilt Android device support.
3. Allows widgets to add more functionalities.
4. The medication reminder feature helps maintain health routines.


To Do Reminder With Alarm

1. A multipurpose app for notes, alarms, and appointments.
2. Audio and visual alerts make overlooking activities impossible.
3. Easy sorting features between professional and personal priorities.


TickTick: To-do list & Tasks

1. A customizable notes and reminder app.
2. Allows collaboration with other users for tasks and errands.
3. Easy sharing of notes to fellow TickTick users.
4. Comes with a unique recurring task feature.


Life Reminders

1. A soft-toned reminder app that provides a gentle nudge.
2. Supports seven mainstream global languages.
3. Easily segregates daily, weekly, monthly, and single-time reminders.

Microsoft To-Do: Lists & Tasks

1. A powerful task management app with one of the best functionalities.
2. Allows task management and push reminders on the go.
3. It comes with gradient features to add sub-tasks and sub-notes.


Heynote - Wallpaper Notes

1. A unique concept that combines notes and live wallpapers.
2. Bring essential notes to the main phone screen wallpaper.
3. Comes with push notifications even in offline mode.


Memorigi: To-Do List & Tasks

1. A strong reminder app with stricter and sharper notifications.
2. Offers productivity stats and analytics.
3. Has a full, inbuilt calendar for personal planning.
4. Seamlessly works and syncs data on multiple devices.


Stay on top of all your priorities by using one of our recommended reminder apps.

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