Direct to Your Doorstep: Brands Leading India's D2C Revolution

Step into the future of shopping with India’s trailblazing D2C brands! Ready to meet the game-changers?


Jun 28, 2024

Atomberg: Revolutionizing Home Appliances

Meet Atomberg, an innovative brand specializing in energy-efficient fans and home appliances.

Founded in 2012, Atomberg is making big waves with sustainable solutions that are both smart and stylish.

SleekandPeek: Fashion for Anime Enthusiasts

Dive into the vibrant world of anime with SleekandPeek’s clothing line, dedicated to otaku culture.

This brand combines modern fashion with anime magic, offering unique style statements.

Bewakoof: The Voice of Youth

Bewakoof has captured the hearts of India’s youth with its trendy and relatable fashion.

Collaborating with major franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, Bewakoof offers an exciting range of products that resonate with young consumers.

Ready to Get Inspired?

From sustainable appliances to anime-inspired apparel, these D2C brands are here to redefine your D2C brand strategy.


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