Know Why Tesla, The Sustainable EV Maker

Is Being Branded As An Evil Air Pollution Giant.

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Jun 27, 2024

Tesla’s San Francisco Bay Area Plant

Has racked up 112 violations for allegedly releasing toxic emissions into the air for the last 5 years. Each violation potentially emits hundreds of pounds of air pollutants illegally.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Has already announced a written abatement order to be issued for the plant soon. It will provide strict compliance instructions for the plant to make changes to prevent seizure within a set timeline.

Tesla Has Been Ordered To Pay $1.5 Million By A California Judge

For illegal disposal of hazardous waste and mishandling of waste storage at its car service centers, energy centers, and a factory unit.

Philip Fine, the Executive Officer of the BAAQMD, said,

“This order is crucial to ensure that Tesla takes prompt and effective action to stop harmful emissions and comply with all air quality regulations to protect the health of those living near the facility.”

There’s more happening with Tesla than we can show in this quick snippet.


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