NVIDIA's Historic Crash: Over $500 Billion Vanishes!

NVIDIA faces the largest 3-day market loss in history, wiping out over $500 billion!


Jun 26, 2024

CEO Under the Spotlight

Amidst the market turmoil, the CEO's trading plan executed sales of 720,000 shares, adding to the pressure by cashing out $95 million this month.

An Unfortunate Timing

The unfortunate event happens just before Wednesday’s annual shareholder meeting and two weeks after a 10-for-1 stock split. The split was done with retail investors in mind.

Strategic Decisions Backfire

NVIDIA, pivotal in U.S. national security with its AI chips, experienced a stock rally similar to Tesla's 2020 surge, emphasizing its global leadership role.

What's Next for NVIDIA?

Shares may rebound as trading resumes Tuesday, yet NVIDIA could face more short-term challenges, echoing the Wall Street adage:

'The trend is your friend.’


NVIDIA Dethrones Apple and Microsoft