Overwhelmed by Emails? Here’s How to Mass Delete Emails on Gmail

Drowning in a sea of unread emails? It’s time you reclaim your inbox and learn to effectively mass delete your emails on Gmail. Read on to find out how!


Jun 27, 2024

Getting Started with Deleting Emails

1. Go to your Gmail inbox on your computer.
2. Click the checkbox at the top left corner of your email list. This selects all emails on the current page.

Expand Selection to Email Conversations

1. After selecting all emails on the current page, look for a pop-up“All XX conversations on this page are selected.” 
2. Click on the link that says “Select all conversations in Primary” to include every email in your inbox.

Finally, Delete the Emails!

1. After selecting all conversations, click the trash icon to move all selected emails to the Trash.
2. Go to the Trash folder and click “Empty Trash now” to permanently delete all the emails.

Does your inbox feel lighter already?

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