AI Helps Google Translate Add 112 New Languages

Know why the company says it is the biggest upgrade leap ever.


Jun 28, 2024

Google Translate supported 133 languages till now.

The Google PaLM 2 Language Model helped it learn 112 new languages.
This usually took months per language before AI.

Google Translate Has Improved Understanding Accuracy

Of existing languages, as well as the new languages added, which include: Awadhi, Marwadi, and many more.

It has also added some interesting features, like

Translating local French slang of Seychellois Creole and Mauritian Creole. Doing this was nearly impossible before.

It now understands local tones much better.

For languages like Hindi, the closer relatives have become much more easier for users to translate, creating a diverse use case for the general public.

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