Performance Reports Delayed On Google Search Globally

What’s Happening behind the curtains? How does it impact your website?


Jul 03, 2024

The performance reports of Google Search Results have not been updated for over 48 hours

For many users, the latest data available is from June 28, 2024. Multiple users have reported the delays and are waiting for a response from Google.

Google Has Responded With A Vague Assurance

Google’s experts explained on its Forum that,

“It is a known issue, and the team is actively working on it. We will notify you once we receive any further updates. This will not impact your website performance related to indexing or ranking, so don't worry about that.”

Google Search Central Has Acknowledged The Issue On X

Don’t Worry, Your Website Is Working Fine

These latency issues are causing reports to be delayed, but they do not impact website performance. However, a lack of visibility can postpone optimization efforts till resolved at Google’s end.


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