You won’t believe what Google’s Gemini AI can do for Gmail, Docs, & Sheets!

Experience the next level of productivity with Gemini AI in different Google products.


Jun 26, 2024

Breaking Down the Hype around Gemini AI!  What’s in it for users?

Google’s most capable model, the Gemini 1.5 pro, can help you in:

1) Summarizing mail threads
2) Drafting an email
3) Generating a response and more

Powering the Gmail App with Gemini

Gemini AI will now be integrated into the Gmail app on iOS and Android. This will function similarly to the side panel on the web!

Be the first to access these Gemini updates! Here’s how!

All that you need to do is locate and press the Ask Gemini button on the side panel! The button can be located at the top right corner of Gmail, Sheets, Slides, and Drive!

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