ChatGPT Finally Launches Its MAC App!

Here are 4 spicy upgrades it brings to the legendary macOS systems.

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Jun 26, 2024

The newly launched ChatGPT for macOS 

Integrates seamlessly with anything you’re doing on your device.

However, it is rolled out only for select macOS users who have macOS 14 and Apple Silicon (M1 or better).

Key features include:

1) Quick launch shortcuts (Option + Space)
2) Take screenshots and discuss them with the macOS app.
3) Start new conversations with ChatGPT through stored photos or freshly clicked ones.
4) Have voice conversations with ChatGPT by clicking the headphone icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop app.

That’s not all. ChatGPT will soon:

1) Bring video and audio capability upgrades with GPT-4o.
2) Allow free global access to macOS computer users.
3) Facilitate compatibility with older macOS versions.

OpenAI is also working extensively 

On ChatGPT’s ability to detect and refuse certain content.
It has created a high safety and reliability bar, which every innovation must comply with.

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