Heart Rate Monitoring Apps Rated From 10 To 1

Explore heart rate monitoring apps that empower users to track their cardiovascular health and fitness in real-time, making it easier than ever to stay in tune with your body.


Oct 23, 2023


10. Cardiio

Cardiio uses your phone camera to measure heart rate, offer insights into wellness, guide effective workouts, and track progress. 

1. Free features give all basic user benefits
2. Multiple low-cost premium features
3. Improve fitness with high-intensity exercises
4. Track performance on personal dashboard



9. Kardia

Kardia is a user-friendly app enabling convenient remote EKG recording, heart data sharing with doctors and heart care management from home.

1. One of the most accurate heart monitors in the world
2. Can detect common heart-related arrhythmias in just 30 mins
3. Has an internal guide to help in emergencies and irregularities
4. Immediate results with Kardia's Instant Analysis




8. Qardio

Qardio simplifies heart health management by allowing users to track and store vital information, enabling informed health decisions.

1. The heart monitor gives results in just 30 seconds
2. Accurate health analysis using your phone’s camera
3. The app’s innovation has won 3 CES awards
4. You can send your doctor your health reports directly




7. Cardiogram

Cardiogram is a health app that monitors heart rate and tracks symptoms to manage chronic conditions.
1. One of the best apps for workout-related monitoring
2. Uses ML and AI for higher efficiency
3. Is completely ad-free
4. Gives personalized risk scores of your heart health




6. FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

FITIV Pulse is a comprehensive app that monitors heart rate and workout tracking to monitor exercise, activity, and calorie expenditure.

1. Has a neat user experience across the app
2. Includes no ads
3. Lets you contribute your heart data for scientific research
4. Creative push notifications that promote fitness




5. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate offers real-time tracking of heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels, and heart rate variability for daily heart health management.

1. Has a worldwide fame of 35 million global users
2. Featured in multiple news channels for public popularity
3. Promises to give you health reports in just 10 seconds
4. Quite low-cost premium subscription plans




4. Heart Rate Plus

Heart Rate Plus uses the camera to measure your heartbeat by analyzing pulse-induced changes in your finger's images.

1. Provides a real-time graph of your heart health
2. Offers health report exporting into Excel format
3. Is available in 20+ international languages
4. Automatic reminder to check heartbeat




3. Cormeum

Cormeum monitors heart-health metrics and facilitates heart failure management through trend analysis.

1. Automatically calculates reminds you about your sodium and fluid intake
2. Give accurate suggestions on calorie and fat intake as well
3. Offers easy-to-understand, shareable health data for expert consultations
4. Predictive alerts for heart-related emergencies




2. Welltory

Welltory monitors heart rate variability through smartphone cameras or mindfulness techniques for personalized wellness insights.

1. Deemed to be the best fitness app in the world
2. Supports 120 external apps on both Android and iOS
3. Includes a highly efficient workout tracker
4. Advanced support for both physical and mental wellness 




1. PulsePoint

PulsePoint Respond alerts users about local emergencies and prompts them to provide CPR assistance linked to the 911 system.

1. 911 connected app to help nearby users in need of CPRs
2. Inbuilt community-connected health monitoring and alerts
3. Includes no ads
4. Available in hyper-local positions across the United States



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