2024’s Top Gas Station Finder Apps for Android and iOS smartphones

Check out the best gas station finder apps to fuel your vehicles on the go. All these apps are available for both Android and iOS users.


Oct 30, 2023

Gas Buddy

Never overpay for your vehicle’s fuel ever again with the Gas Buddy app. Locate gas stations and travel with confidence.

1. Use GPS to locate gas stations
2. Check out the best gas prices
3. Detailed fuel analysis
4. Extremely reliable to use
5. Includes filters for different amenities




Navigate gas stations like a pro with the Waze app. Simplify and save on your daily commute, listen to music, and do much more. 

1. An interactive GPS map and tracker
2. Find the best routes with less traffic
3. Enjoy an in-built carpool feature
4. Ensures stress-free traveling
5. Set customized reminders



Driver Dash

Commute safely with your roadway expert, Driver Dash. Navigate, drive, and arrive on time with the best gas station finder app.

1. Operate gas pumps from the app
2. Search for nearby gas stations
3. Simple biometrics controls for pumps
4. Make easy fuel payments from the app
5. Intuitive interface and simple controls



Get Upside

Fuel up and save money, at the same time with the best gas station finder app, Get Upside. Unlock rewards and travel freely. 

1. Get cashback and earn rewards
2. Earn discounts on restaurants 
3. Get instant rewards in your bank account
4. Navigate gas stations easily
5. Travel without any interruptions




Drive smart and effectively with the Drivvo app for Android and iOS smartphones. Locate gas stations and save on your fuel budget.

1. Locate the nearest gas stations
2. Compare gas prices easily
3. Manage all your expenses easily
4. Manage all your vehicle-related data
5. Set regular reminders for gas filling



Around Me

Discover the unseen and explore your locality with the Around Me app. Explore different services; restaurants, gas stations & more. 

1. Locate nearby banks, hotels, etc.
2. Completely free to use
3. Find relevant locations, contacts, etc.
4. Search locations based on different categories
5. Complete list of different destinations




Explore smart navigation solutions for finding gas stations near you. Download Geico, a trusted insurance and travel companion. 

1. Completely free to download
2. Get all the important details about the station
3. Claim vehicle insurance 
4. Assistance from personalized GEICO assistant
5. Make safe and easy payments from the app



Locate, refuel, and travel with confidence with the best gas station finder apps.

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