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Nov 14, 2023


1. Capable AI to produce music on custom parameters.
2. Generate multiple music pieces in mere seconds.
3. Automatically generates 15 tracks on selected music frameworks.


1. AI music generator specializing in classical and symphonic compositions.
2. Capable of identifying regularities and composing original tracks.
3. Allows editing based on instrumentation, tempo, dynamics, and more.

Synthesizer V

1. Music and vocals generator with deep learning AI.
2. Capable of generating life-like singing voices.
3. Works at full capacity in offline mode.
4. Creates multi-vocal tracks for personal and professional projects.


1. AI music maker for generation to publishing in seconds.
2. Produces custom tracks on the musical style of choice.
3. Offers different tools for rewriting vocals and rearranging sounds.

Ecrett Music

1. A preferred AI tool for editing podcasts, ads, and monetized videos.
2. Allows easy customization of instruments and structures.
3. Comes with 500,0000 music patterns for diverse compositions.

Image To Sound Effect

1. A unique AI sound generator that works in image-to-music format.
2. Its deep learning algorithm maps visual, text, and audio.
3. Automatically matches the sounds’ timestamps with videos.


1. An AI music editor for setting the tone, tempo, or time signatures.
2. Capable of analyzing lyrics and generating musical melodies.
3. Allows editing of the length, instruments, musical styles, and vocals.

Voicemode - Text To Song Converter

1. Considered one of the most powerful AI text-to-music tools.
2. A strong NLP that allows custom tempo and dynamic parameters.
3. Fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Mobile devices.

While these AI tools offer amazing support, there are many more in our full report.

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