Here Are All The New Updates In The Twitter Prototype App ‘Twttr’

Features like ‘Swipe to Like’ and Dark mode are included in the ‘Twttr’ Prototype app.

Here Are All The New Updates In The Twitter Prototype App ‘Twttr’

Recently Twitter rolled out its prototype app ‘Twttr’ to test improved conversation features on its platform. The features in the original version and the prototype app are mostly the same. There have been some changes and a useful one is the color-coded reply labeling system and change in the display of conversation threads.

The new version was created to give Twitter a different space other than its public network to experiment with the latest ideas on Twitter’s look, feel and how it operates. At first, the prototype app ‘Twttr’ focuses on making longer conversation convenient for reading. Now let’s take a look at the newly added updates in this prototype application by Twitter.

The idea of the Twttr was first announced in February,


How To Sign Up For Twttr App

Twitter has stated that its new prototype app is rolling it out to certain users only. Users will need to sign up to be on the list and then users will get downloading instructions for the beta app from Twitter. To sign up, refer to this link.  

Twitter's New Prototype App Updates

The Prototype App ‘twttr’ is used by several users throughout the world. In the latest version of the twttr many changes have been made to keep users engaged.

Here are the recently released updates of the prototype app twttr by Twitter.

1. ‘Swipe to like’ Feature

The Twitter engagements are currently not displayed by default in conversation threads. The new update lets a user like a post by swiping left in a Tweet. But retweeting or replying still needs a tap.




We can expect more gesture-related updates because, in the original Twitter app, swiping left opens up the camera and swiping right takes you to the Profile page.

2. New labels in Threads

Now, you will be able to see the label of “Author” in threads. The feature was already in the testing process on Twitter for its original app. The Author label will appear in a small red text instead of a Gray label. Initially, it was not included in the twttr app. Now it's included.

Twitter New Prototype App

Credits: Techcrunch 

“Following” labels are also included which will show the people you follow in the conversation threads. The color of the “following” label is blue.

3. Dark Mode

“True” Dark Mode UI for twttr has been rolled out. It was originally known as Lights Out. It differentiates itself from the dark blue night theme it used to apply previously.

Twitter New Prototype App

Some people highlighted the issues of this feature as it was difficult to follow the shading on replies.

The Difference Between Twitter Original Version And Prototype Version Twttr

Following are the differences that you may find between Twitter’s original version and the current version:

  • Blue coding of response from friends and grey color coding of the original tweeter’s response.
  • Delicate demoting of outsiders responses related to trolls and abuse.
  • A feature of hiding the number of retweets and likes in the high-level thread view.
  • Testers can tap to reply and reveal important details that will include a number of retweets.
  • An easy way for testers to submit feedback. 

The prototype app is presently available only for the iOS platform to review. The date of launch for the Android version is still unclear. However, we expect that all test features won’t make it to the final product.

The newer version of the app sometimes comes at a cost. For instance, Snapchat has faced rap a couple of times for its random updates.

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