Turn Your Mobile App Into A Product With These Suggestions

The most essential element that is going to impact the success of your app, would be the feature set.

Mobile App Into A Product

As of the 3rd quarter of 2018, Android users had the choice of 2.1 million apps to download into their mobile devices and Apple users had the choice of 2 million available apps.

Building your own mobile app has never been easier, however, the challenge is to create a product that your users want to download, use and keep using.  

Mobile app development is a process that is constantly being evolved and going through modifications. Surprisingly enough, at times your original mobile app idea may lead to becoming a possible solution for a completely different problem. Your mobile app is particularly flexible during different phases of the planning and mobile app development process.

To make sure your mobile app is more than just another application, you need to partner with a tech company that breaks down and dissects your idea to build a product that sells in the market. It is always better if your tech company has an understanding of the potential success of any app idea and upcoming mobile tech trends.

However, when you are working on a mobile app idea with a tech company, one of the most important elements that are going to impact the success of your app, would be the feature set. The feature set is the first step in building a solid skeleton for your mobile app development and it further helps kick off your mobile app idea into a successful product.

What Is The Feature Set And Why Is It Important?

In the most basic form, a feature set is a thorough description of the complete functionalities that need to be included in a mobile app. It is the high-level information that includes the entire list of features that are necessary to solve the problems of your audience.

Let’s assume your audience wants to look up the weather on their smartphone, the most obvious solution for this problem would be a weather app. For this mobile app to actually solve people’s problems, it will need to include some abilities and features like to view the daily forecast.

It will also provide access to information about the temperature, precipitation levels, and humidity and incoming storms. Moreover, another feature that could go well with this app would be GPS integration, so that users can easily check the weather in their current location.

A feature set is more than a mere list of features that you might find relevant or fun to include in the app. It is important that each feature comes with a specific agenda and a well-thought plan. There needs to be a hypothesis around the feature set to ensure it adds real value to your targeted market.

What Are The Realities Of Building Your Product

In order to build a product, your first goal should be to build an app that your audience can and want to use. Your idea doesn’t even have to be out of the box or even provide huge value to your audience. Being creative with your product is not a top priority.

Users are already relatively constrained when it comes to the software and hardware of the app. Their constraint interaction on the phone gives you the advantage of being creative anyways. 

However, you have to keep in mind that targeting hundreds, thousands and even millions of people and speaking to all of them on a personal level can be a challenge. If some users are already committed to one mobile app, it won’t be easy for them to use another app that has identical features.

In the end, it comes down to modifying your audience's perceptive in a way that they feel more inclined to use your product rather than competitors’. Ultimately, it’s all about the product you have built and if it has the power to make your audience stay.  

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Make Sure To Analyze The Priorities First  

You can create a better experience for your users with the help of information architecture. It helps you build and deliver your product in a manner that your users feel that their problems are solved. Your product gives them just the right amount of content that they need.

A good feature set will have information architecture as the top priority, as it can be a great inspiration for the designers and developers. It would remove any unnecessary piece of information that is not beneficial for users while preserving each and every bit of knowledge that can be useful to users.

While working on the information architecture or the skeleton of the app, you have to consider how the feature set is going to affect the users, along with several technical aspects. Furthermore, you also have to consider if the use of any specific emerging technology, like BlockChain, would add more value to the product or if the users simply don’t care enough for it to be worth the time and effort. 

How to start your new product feature set

Start by thinking about the problem you are trying to solve and go on building everything from there. This approach helps you walk back from the mindset that focuses more on your reasons for building the app.

Taking the attention away from your reasons for solving users’ problems helps you stretch the complete picture. In the initial stages, a feature set that addresses the problem will lead to adequately showing all necessary elements that fit well together and ultimately display all levels of complexity that will work as a guide to building up your successful product.

Establish the feature set

1. Ask questions for your MVP

This will help you take a hard look at the questions and features that directly impact your product skeleton. 

  1. Does your app solve the user's problem? 
  2. Does it help them save time and money? 
  3. Will your user be willing to give up a competitor's app to use yours instead?   

2. Hypothesis testing

Start your hypothesis testing by interviewing your users and finding the problems that need to be solved. Try to find out if your app idea will solve any real problems that they might have. 

As soon as you have early wireframes or prototypes, you can go back to the same users and observe how they react to it. 

3. Product users 

The purpose is to monitor the feedback of your users and find out why users are not coming back to your app. To gather credible information you might have to go back to the interviews more than once. 

As you make note of users' feedback and modify the prototype to create a product that's more applicable, you may have to repeat this process until you are sure about going into the next step with app development.  

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