Sqreen Raised $14 Million In Series A Funding For Security Management

The aim is to improve security for web applications and cloud infrastructure

Sqreen Raised $14 Million In Series A Funding For Security Management

Sqreen, a cybersecurity startup that helps developers monitor and protect their web apps from vulnerabilities and attacks, has raised $14 million in a series A round of funding led by Greylock Partners, with participation from Y Combinator, Alven Capital, and Point Nine.

Sqreen's used to protect more than 500 companies around the world today, and is now also working to improve security when it comes to web applications and cloud infrastructure. Sqreen’s used a modern approach to security in production for web applications.

Sqreen is also currently working with other web applications in Node.JS, Ruby, PHP, Python, Java and Go. Along with this, there’s a small CPU overhead that occurs once the user deploys Sqreen. Some of the known clients of Sqreen are Le Monde, Algolia, Y Combinator, and many more.

Sqreen Raised $14 Million

With Sqreen there will be no requirement to alter your code or put a firewall and most importantly using the same approach of work performance such as New Relic, Appdynamics or Data Log.

Company's CEO and co-founder, Pierre Betouin, stated,

Sqreen is easy to use and deploy - If you don’t have enough time or money to build a team of security experts, Sqreen can already help you identify and fix many issues in your application.

First, Install a library package on our server then add a few lines to code in the sqreen module in your application. This way Sqreen’s micro-agents are always running and monitoring your app and now it can identify security holes in the Sqreen dashboard.

Sqreen Funding Round

At present, Sqreen is providing an in-app Web Application Firewall protections against account takeovers and bad bots. Apart from that, you can activate and deactivate modules depending on your needs with Sqreen.

It is a platform that also provides you with an overview of your cloud infrastructure so that you stay on top of security. This is the reason why Sqreen is calling its platform Application Security Management.

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