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MobileApp Daily’s 40 Under 40 Report is an attempt to identify and list dynamic and influential leaders in the world of technology and app development. The report aims to celebrate the exceptional work done by industry leaders around the globe. Be it the rise of startup entrepreneurs or the progress of women in corporate leadership ranks - the 40 Under 40 Report has documented the focus on rising leaders and how they have created an impact professionally through their leadership.


1. Moustafa Samir

Co-Founder and CEO, Blink22

After working for different startups and multinational companies as a software engineer, Moustafa, one of the most prominent technological leaders on this list, built the company he wished for in Egypt. He wanted a company that would foster a culture of transparency, continuous learning, and fun, and empowers engineers.

In just five years, Moustafa and his college friend Ayman bootstrapped Blink22 to become just that. Today, Blink22 is one of Egypt's most attractive companies among advanced technology leaders for engineers in the market. The team strength of this top 40 under 40 leader has scaled from 2 to 80+, almost doubling every year, with over $1B of collective funding. This one of the top app industry leaders continues to lead the expansion of Blink22 both within Egypt and into Dubai this year.

Moustafa Samir - 40 Under 40

2. Gilad Bechar

Co-Founder and CEO, Moburst

As Co-founder and CEO and one of the business report 40 under 40 leaders, Gilad is responsible for leading the development and execution of long-term strategy and all executive management matters at Moburst. An entrepreneur at heart, this forty under 40 leader holds a wide range of experience in the field of mobile marketing and products—a reason why he is frequently asked to serve as a mentor to rising startups at Tel-Aviv University, The Microsoft Accelerator, The Technion, Unit 8200, and for strategic Moburst clients.

Gilad's main goal is to bring value using innovative thinking, data, and creative actions to help his clients lead the market.

Gilad Bechar - 40 Under 40

3. Sudeep Srivastav

Co-founder and Director, Appinventiv

As a Co-founder and Director at Appinventiv, Sudeep Srivastav’s vision is to create technology innovation in the mobile app development space. After taking up senior positions in various IT companies, one of the top leaders under 40 launched his venture Appinventiv along with four other co-founders.

The 40 under 40 award holder has years of experience in catalyzing value strategies and value creation through the identification of new business opportunities. Highly accomplished in managing large-scale projects, Sudeep aims to tie up mobile apps with next-gen technologies like Blockchain, IoT, etc.

Sudeep Srivastav - 40 Under 40

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4. Steve Huffman

CEO, Reddit

Steve has been leading Reddit as a CEO for the last 6 years. He has always been passionate about technology, and his educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Virginia. Before becoming the CEO of Reddit, Steve, one of the top 40 under 40 leaders, also co-founded Hipmunk and led it as a CEO for almost 5 years. Steve’s skills include web development expertise, mobile application development, and entrepreneurship, among others.

Steve Huffman - 40 Under 40

5. Jordan Edelson

Founder and CEO, Appetizer Mobile

Jordan Edelson, as one of the top world technology leaders, has led New York City's premier mobile digital agency, Appetizer Mobile, as its CEO and Founder since 2009. As a pioneer in the mobile app sector, Edelson is regarded as a thought leader, futurist, and innovator.

Edelson has accumulated numerous accolades over the years and continues to be a driving and inspiring force to the Appetizer Mobile team, their clients, and aspiring startup entrepreneurs.

Jordan Edelson - 40 Under 40

6. Janine Pelosi

CMO, Zoom

Janine has worked in multiple roles at Zoom within her 7 years of participation with the company. The 40 under 40 award holder is also an advisor in one of the leading photo editor brands called Canva. During her tenure as a CMO at Zoom, the organization has touched many new heights of success. Janine’s educational background shows that she has a BS in Marketing from San Jose State University. The skills of this one of the top leaders under 40 include lead generation, strategic partnerships, digital marketing, etc.

Janine Pelosi - 40 Under 40

7. Lior Eldan

Co-Founder and COO, Moburst

As a co-founder and COO at Moburst, Lior Eldan is on a mission to turn online mobile marketing into science, leveraging his serial entrepreneurial skills and intense background as a Marketing Engineer. This one of the top world technology leaders is in charge of delivery and makes sure everything operates smoothly to their client's satisfaction.

Prior to Moburst, Lior, one of the top advanced technology leaders, served as the Online Marketing Director at an online reputation management company. He has also held various marketing-related roles, specializing in search results and rankings and building the online reputation for key business leaders and companies.

Lior Eldan - 40 Under 40

8. Alexey Borisov

Co-founder, Rocketech

As Co-founder of Rocketech, Alexey Borisov provides valuable insights into software development processes, encouraging clients to incorporate the team's experience into their inner processes. He is responsible for communicating with clients and partners and nurturing long-term relationships.

This one of the best advanced technology leaders has assisted 70+ startups and international companies with creating digitalization strategies, risk management, and business analytics. The technological leader understands the client's needs and market specifics before the project is passed to the development team.

Alexey Borisov - 40 Under 40

9. Ishan Gupta

Founder and CEO, Rippen Apps

Ishan Gupta, Founder and CEO at Rippen Apps and one of the top technology leaders of the world is on a mission to serve small to medium-sized companies by offering high-end app solutions that add value to their business ideas. This, in turn, helps clients enhance their revenue model and user acquisition.

Ishan, a top technological leader, has been an inspiration and driving force for his team. This one of the best leaders in technology believes in building long-term relationships with his clients by taking their vision into account and delivering feature-rich products and services.

Ishan Gupta - 40 Under 40

10. Georgina Lupu Florian

CEO, Wolfpack Digital

A software developer, CEO, leader, and researcher, Georgina Lupu Florian wears many hats in her everyday life. Coming from a multidisciplinary background in IT Engineering, Psychology, and Public Relations, including an M.Sc. and Business Management at King's College London, her passion for digital products and innovation is evident.

She founded Wolfpack Digital, a company with 70+ tech experts, more than 60 developed apps, 9 awards, 2 internal startups, and 1 strategic team, having expertise in several industries, such as Fintech, IoT, Healthcare, Beauty, Transportation, Social, and more. Wolfpack Digital, among the best company leaders, was also rewarded in 2021 with the European Technology Awards for the App Development category in Paris.

Georgina Lupu Florian - 40 Under 40

11. Dominic Tancredi

CEO, Dom & Tom

Dominic has been leading Dom & Tom as a CEO and Co-founder for more than 13 years now. He is an expert in Blockchain technologies, AR/VR, and plenty of other blooming technologies. The global tech industry leader has also received the 2017 Owler Top-Rated CEO award. His educational background shows that he holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from Loyola University Chicago. Throughout his career, Dominic, a top technological leader, has assisted and led multiple Web Development and other related projects.

Dominic Tancredi - 40 Under 40

12. Chris Brereton

Partner, Sidebench

As Partner at Sidebench, Chris Brereton brings his deep entrepreneurial background and over 15 years experience in product leadership to develop world-class products and user experiences.

As an industry leader, Christopher, one of the best industry leaders, aims to foster a culture of trust, innovation, and accountability among his team members. One of the top advanced technology leaders has an experience of over 15 years in product leadership and believes in creating purpose-driven products that make the world a better place.

Chris Brereton - 40 Under 40

13. Daniel Moczydlowski

CEO, Appstronauts

Entrepreneur and digital transformation enthusiast Daniel launched Appstronauts, a software development agency from Poland, in 2015 and currently serves as its CEO. His passion for emerging technologies and mobile app development space has helped the organization reach the next level of success. Appstronauts, a world leader in technology, currently provides a dedicated team, that consists of IT experts and specialists to deliver a custom application tailored to your business needs, on-demand.

Daniel Moczydlowski - 40 Under 40

14. Anna Vorobiova

VP of Sales and Business Development, NIX United

As VP of Sales and Business Development at NIX United, Anna Vorobiova helps emerging businesses and enterprises reach the next level of success by offering the best-fitting technical solutions and product roadmaps. This world leader in technology also undertakes the task of forming NIX’s sales strategy based on a deep understanding of most modern tech and management approaches.

Anna Vorobiova - 40 Under 40

15. David Jarrett

CEO, Rootstrap

David Jarrett is the CEO of Rootstrap, an app development agency with over 280+ professionals and one of the famous technology leaders. He is regarded as a futurist, thought leader and innovator. This one of the best industry leaders, has accumulated numerous accolades over the years and continues to be a driving and inspiring force to the Rootstrap Mobile team.

As a global tech industry team leader, Jarret believes that understanding the client’s vision and goals is important to delivering innovative solutions.

David Jarrett - 40 Under 40

16. Damian Urbańczyk

CEO and Co-Founder, FiveDotTwelve

As the Co-founder and CEO of FiveDotTwelve, Damian Urbańczyk aims to build long-term relationships with his client by offering full support from his end during all phases of the project. The global tech industry leader also ensures timely delivery of projects and makes sure that everything operates smoothly while adding value to clients’ business plans as well.

As an industry leader, this one of the best company leaders believes that understanding the client’s vision is crucial to delivering unique digital solutions. This, in turn, has helped several clients reach greater market exposure and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Damian Urbańczyk - 40 Under 40

17. Stan Sakharchuk

Co-Founder and CEO, Interexy

Stan Sakharchuk is the Co-founder and CEO of Interexy. He helps venture-backed startup founders get to the market quickly by developing pixel-perfect mobile apps. This one of the best company leaders also assists his clients to take advantage of new business opportunities and take their idea to the next level. Stan’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Engineering in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Stan Sakharchuk - 40 Under 40

18. Henry Schuck

Founder & CEO, ZoomInfo

Henry founded ZoomInfo in 2019, and since then, he has been leading the organization as a CEO. Due to the leadership of Henry, ZoomInfo has touched amazing milestones of success within such a short time. This one of the top famous technology leaders organizations is already supporting over 25,000 marketing professionals across the globe for marketing operations and communications. Henry has been an Adjunct Professor at Washington State University as well, and before that, he has fulfilled responsibilities as a Legal Clerk in the Brian G. Miller Co.

Henry Schuck - 40 Under 40

19. Anna Umanenko

Chief Marketing Officer, Onix Systems

Anna Umanenko works as a Chief Marketing Officer at Onix-Systems and has over 7 years of experience in developing inbound and outbound marketing strategies. As a leader, Anna’s abilities have pushed Onix-Systems towards various stages of growth across multiple market regions.

This one of the top famous technology leaders also has expertise in QA engineering, technical translations, business development, and product marketing. During her education, she secured a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Management.

Anna Umanenko - 40 Under 40

20. Anthony Casalena

Founder & CEO , Squarespace

Anthony’s journey as a founder and CEO of Squarespace started in 2003 in his dorm room. Initially, this one of the best tech industry leaders handled the responsibilities of the designer, sole engineer, and support representative for the company. Anthony’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Anthony Casalena - 40 Under 40

21. Rameet Chawla

CEO and Founder, Fueled

Rameet Chawla is the Founder of Fueled, a leading digital transformation agency based in NYC and London. Under Rameet’s leadership over the past decade, the Fueled-built products generated over $1 billion in revenue. This one of the tech industry leaders is also a founding member of the Summit Manhattan Project.

Over the years, Rameet has given talks about psychology and technology, digital business models, mobile evolutions, and entrepreneurship at several conferences and institutions.

Rameet Chawla - 40 Under 40

22. Elaine Ezekiel

Director of Marketing, Atomic Object

As the Director of Marketing at Atomic Object, Elaine Ezekiel oversees the implementation and development of marketing strategies. This one of the leaders in technology understands her clients and makes sure that projects are completed on time and within budget. The one of the technology leaders of the world also continually reviews changes in the market and consumer trends, adjusting the marketing plan if necessary.

Elaine Ezekiel - 40 Under 40

23. Alexandra Rostovtseva

Chief Client Success, Altamira

As a Chief Client Success at Altamira, Alexandra Rostovtseva has significant expertise in scalable and efficient web and mobile app development. She has been actively participating in the leadership of the organization to take it towards new milestones of success. This one of the top leaders in technology is very adept at project management and also an excellent communicator. This, in turn, has helped her foster a culture of continuous learning and transparency and build long-term relationships with clients.

Alexandra Rostovtseva - 40 Under 40

24. Hannah Feldman Hunt

Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Army Software Factory

Hannah has accompanied Army Software Factory since 2020, and before that, she worked with Kessel Run and the US Air Force. Hannah has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Affairs and a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Affairs from the American University. The expertise of this business report 40 under 40 leader includes Politics, NGOs, Government Relations, and Public Relations, among others.

Hannah Feldman Hunt - 40 Under 40

25. Pranay Agrawal

Co-founder and Director of Business & Marketing, MobileCoderz

Pranay apart from being a Co-founder, handles multiple responsibilities at MobileCoderz. He has been leading the organization for the last 5 years. Pranay’s skills include expertise in JavaScript, HTML, Business Development, Project Leadership, Management, Custom Mobile App Development, and many more. Pranay believes that adeptness and mastery are two crucial reasons that gave MobileCoderz a competitive advantage and made it a significant organization in the industry.

Pranay Agrawal - 40 Under 40

26. Bartosz Pieślak

CEO, itCraft

An expert in Digital products, Bartosz co-founded itCraft in 2010, and in 2020, he joined the organization as a Board Member as well before onboarding the CEO position in January 2022. Bartosz has a Master of Science in Information Technology from Nicolaus Copernicus University. One of the top CEOs under 40, Bartosz’s skillsets include Java, Software Project Management, SQL, Android Solutions, Web Services, and plenty more.

Bartosz Pieślak - 40 Under 40

27. Boris A.

Co-Founder, Bidease & Forbes Technology

Boris A. is the Co-founder of Bidease & Forbes Technology, a fully transparent demand-side platform for mobile marketers. He has years of experience in building business and operations from the ground up, including new ventures, with specific domain expertise in e-commerce and internet trading initiatives.

This one of the Forbes top 40 under 40 is passionate about translating project visions and objectives into reality, offering tangible results in line with client expectations.

Boris A. - 40 Under 40

28. Nate Wootten

Partner & VP Commercial Strategy, WillowTree

Nate has been a part of WillowTree for the last seven years and during his tenure here, he has worn many hats. Nate has taken care of responsibilities as a Principal Product Strategist, Director of Product Innovation, and now, this one of the 40 under 40 app industry leaders is a VP of Commercial Strategy in WillowTree. Nate is a skilled professional with expertise in User Research, Usability Testing, UX Design, Project Management, and more.

Nate Wootten - 40 Under 40

29. Jarosław Bodnar

CEO- Team Augmentation, Miquido

Jarosław is handling the CEO- Team Augmentation position at Miquido since December 2021. Before that, he handled responsibilities as head of operations, head of software development, project manager, etc. Jarosław’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Applied Informatics. This one of the top app industry leaders is skilled in Project management, Software Development, Website Development, SEO, and plenty of such related skills.

Jarosław Bodnar - 40 Under 40

30. Ekaterina Rusakovich

Business Development Director, iTechArt Group

As the Business Development Director of iTechArt Group, Ekaterina Rusakovich’s mission is to deliver top-notch software development services and a great experience to her clients. Her team aims to deliver scalable software solutions to startups and enterprises. As a great team player and one of the top app industry leaders, Ekaterina never misses a chance to help, discuss and advise her team members.

Ekaterina’s daily routine involves structuring the roadmap from ideation to launch, articulating the vision, and planning for the client's projects.

Ekaterina Rusakovich - 40 Under 40

31. Svitlana Klymenko

Chief Marketing Officer, Triare

Svitlana is an expert in Sales and Marketing related tasks. She has been a part of Triare as a CMO since 2019 and under her guidance, Triare has expanded its exposure across multiple regions. Before joining Triare, Svitlana also handled a Managing Director position in her previous organization. Her educational background includes a Computer Programming degree from the Cherkasy State Technological University.

Svitlana Klymenko - 40 Under 40

32. Jay Gyuricza

General Manager, Wunderman Thompson Apps

Jay has been a part of Wunderman Thompson Apps since June 2015. He takes care of responsibilities such as content delivery, team leadership, and management, driving revenue, and more. Jay has also performed roles of Group Account Director for top organizations such as Accenture.

Talking about his educational background, Jay has a degree in BS in Computer Science from the University of Virginia and an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University. Jay is also skilled in mobile apps, digital marketing, team building, etc.

Jay Gyuricza - 40 Under 40

33. Jonathan Tarud

CEO and Founder, Koombea

Jonathan Tarud founded Koombea in 2007, an agile development firm bent on helping anyone who wants to create innovative and great web and mobile products. He has built an ironclad reputation for himself by releasing 500+ apps in the market in a 14-year timespan. Over the years, Jonathan has led projects for startups as well as multi-billion dollar companies.

Jonathan Tarud - 40 Under 40

34. Sophia Cohen

Head of Influencer Marketing, Moburst

Sophia is a hardworking marketing professional who has been working with Moburst since Feb 2021. She also has experience working as Marketing & Influencer Manager and Head Of Communications and Project Manager at previous organizations. Sophia has a Bachelor of Arts degree in PR, Advertising, and Applied Communication as her specializations. Her skills include expertise in Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Public Speaking, and Strategic Communications.

Sophia Cohen - 40 Under 40

35. Fedor Filimonov


Leading marketing initiatives of STRV for the last 4+ years as a CMO, Fedor has had plenty of achievements throughout his career. In STRV itself, before becoming a CMO, Fedor performed the responsibilities of a Presales Manager, Senior Project Manager, and Project Manager. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance and Management from the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Fedor Filimonov - 40 Under 40

36. Mikita Kot

Managing Director, Cogniteq

Mikita Kot is the Managing Director at Cogniteq, a reliable software agency in Lithuania offering custom mobile and web solutions in healthcare, entertainment, banking, retail, and more.

Starting his career as a Sales Manager, Mikita has earned the reputation of a thriving entrepreneur with his consistent efforts and virtuous attitude. With 10+ years of experience in the mobile industry, he is a great leader who has a clear understanding of business needs, budget, timeline, and feasibility.

Mikita Kot - 40 Under 40

37. Alexei Dulub

Founder and CEO, PixelPlex

Alexei Dulub is an expert in blockchain technologies, IoT, web development, and AI solutions. Alexei has been leading PixelPlex since its inception and his passion for emerging technologies has been an amazing help in the growth of the organization. Alexei is also known for helping developer communities by launching hackathons, blockchain schools, open-source contributions, etc.

Alexei Dulub - 40 Under 40

38. Jordan Gurrieri

CEO and Co-Founder, Blue Label Labs

Jordan Gurrieri is the CEO and Co-founder of Blue Label Labs, an award-winning digital product strategy, design and app development technology company based in New York City, Seattle and San Francisco. Jordan leads an amazing team of creative product managers, designers, marketers, and business development managers that are highly driven to contribute to the growth and success of businesses that solve challenging problems with thoughtful digital products, validated with real user feedback.

Jordan Gurrieri - 40 Under 40

39. Joshua H. Davidson

CEO and Founder, ChopDawg

Joshua founded ChopDawg in 2009 and since then, he has been leading the organization through an amazing journey of growth. Under Joshua’s leadership, ChopDawg has partnered with different enterprises to deliver 350+ next-generation smartphone app solutions. Joshua is also a board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence, a national youth mentoring program. His personal skills include Android and iOS development, Mobile Product Design, Digital Strategy Consulting, and more.

Joshua H. Davidson - 40 Under 40

40. Krunal Panchal

CEO & Co-Founder, Groovy Web

Krunal has remained an active contributor to the success of Groovy Web since its inception in 2015. His Web development and Team leading skills have helped him in making beneficial contributions to the organization that has helped Groovy Web in touching many milestones of the success. Krunal also has some experience in working as an independent freelancer offering web development services to clients from across the globe. Krunal’s expertise includes web development, app development, blockchain, IoT, and more.

Krunal Panchal - 40 Under 40

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