Effective Ways To Protect Your E-Commerce Platform From Malware
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How To Protect Your Magento E-commerce Platform From Malicious Attacks

Go through our list of best ways to prevent malware attacks to protect your e-commerce platforms!

How To Protect Your Magento E-commerce Platform From Malicious Attacks

E-commerce platforms are the most famous online platform for users who love online shopping. As the need for such platforms increases, the attention of most hackers turns towards it. Magento being one of the most famous e-commerce platforms is nowhere to be an exception.

In recent times, brute force attacks are being very common and websites are planning for a safer hosting where they can protect all their essential data.

What Are The Best Ways To Protect Your E-Commerce Website?

In this article, we will be discussing how you can protect your Magento e-commerce platforms from different types of malware and malicious attacks:

Best Ways To Protect Your E-Commerce Website

1. Personalization In Admin Path

The foremost place for virus and malware attack is the admin path. If the admin credentials are easy enough to penetrate through then the hacks get easier. The very common backend URL is domain.com/admin and it is familiar among hackers which gives them the advantage of penetrating through. So it is required to reduce the threat of hacking using the back-end URL.

All you can do is customize the current admin path by following the steps mentioned below:

Edit file /app/etc/local.xml  XML Path: admin -> routers -> adminhml -> args -> frontName

You can see , now change it to your own admin url, e.g: secret or mybackend

Now flush Magento cache to take effect: System -> Cache Management -> Flush Magento Cache

Magento 2: Not required

2. Make Sure To Use The Right Hosting

If you are just entering the online market and you need to choose a provider, hosting provider the foremost thing you need to do is check their reliability to know how they approach the security. Ensure that they meet the industry standards and security best practices and owns a secure software development lifecycle.

As mentioned earlier, if you are someone who is trying to build a new website, then try to step in with an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are the best way to build trust and ensure security with your online store. If you are very concerned about the budget plans you can opt for cheap SSL certificates for your website. They come with the same accuracy and performance.

3. Make Timely Updates

It is highly required to make timely updates to ensure that the website is safe and secure to handle. These updates are not just for upgrading to new features but they also fix errors and exclude vulnerability. You can follow these simple commands,


Yum upgrade

Debain/ Ubuntu

Apt-get Update

Apt-get    upgrade

If you find it difficult to access, you can reach out to your hosting provider and ask them for assistance. The technical expert will guide you through the entire process of the website update.

4. Perform Periodic Backups

Nobody can be anchored by programmers' assaults, yet there's some method to feel more secure: occasional reinforcements can spare you from numerous issues that may ruin your business.

You should spare time to take periodic backups of your website, don't attempt to keep them on the first site's server and every once in a while trying to restore your backup on a sandbox to check on the off chance that they're working effectively.

Keeping your backup on the server with your site is perilous not just for the reason that your backup ought to be protected on the off chance that if your server separates, yet in addition to such a case that a programmer gets to your server, he'll additionally gain admittance to the backup copies, which is, obviously, exceptionally undesirable.

5. Build Strong Passwords

Your admin password is one of the biggest barriers that protects your website as well as your e-commerce app, you need to lock it with some efficient password. If you fail to do so there are chances of intrusions.

Whenever you create a password you need to make sure that it is strong enough to withstand the hacks. You need to include a mix of alphabets, numbers and some special characters that it looks strong and hard to penetrate.

6. Avoid Password Repetitions

This Magento security issue works with all passwords ensuring the data that you possess. As revealed by passwordresearch.com, over 15 percent of clients apply for a similar password for some administrations.

Very few individuals realize that applying indistinguishable passwords for a few logins, for sure, contains the danger of losing the majority of your records immediately.

Once again, all passwords must be one of a kind, no other way. Be watchful, put aside this article for some time and change them in the event that they aren't. Else, you hazard getting injured on account of your rashness.

Wrapping It Up

Securing your website from malicious attacks is one of the most important things that you need to do. E-Commerce portals need more attention to avoid bigger threats. Now here is a chance for you to cross check if you have missed out on any of the above-mentioned valuable processes. If you have missed any, just follow the steps to get them fixed for a safer and more secure business ahead.

We hope that this article on the topic of how you can protect your e-commerce websites provides you with some meaningful insights. If you like reading about more such interesting topics then feel free to follow MobileAppDaily now.

Also in case you have any doubts regarding the same, just leave a ‘Comment’ down below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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