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Updated on April 03, 2024 - Track Calls, Live location, Social Media Apps Secretly!

The world is going mobile, and so are your loved ones. However, with the risk of cyberbullying, adult content, fraud, time wastage, exposure to malware, and digital addiction, limiting screen time and filtering suspected content is essential.

To keep an eye on your loved one’s watching list, monitor who they meet, who they hang out with, and the context of their text messages, you need online tools to monitor kids and teens and receive immediate notifications about unusual or suspicious activity.

So, if you want to know what your son is watching without letting him know, we have a useful mobile tracker app that allows you to secretly monitor your kids’ chatting, location, apps, and online activity.

Let’s get started with the Celltracker review to mark its good and bad points. And understand how this free mobile tracker works.

What is is one of the best cell phone tracker apps operating exclusively in India. The app is designed to track and monitor every activity on your smartphone. This includes SMS, call recordings, photos, browser history, live location, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Snapchat, and Instagram. And the interesting part is that once you install the app on the target device, you can track and monitor it remotely. So, even if you lost your phone, you have full access to the data present on the stolen device.

"We are helping parents to control or monitor or analyze their kid’s behavior and social activities. Our application is not a spy app compared to others. We don’t take unnecessary data from users, and our app doesn’t need to disable play protection mode in-app. It offers an easy installation process and very little battery consumption when compared to others."

Celltracker Team

Standout features of What Makes it Different?

Tracks everything

Once you’ve downloaded the app on the target device, you can remotely track all-call recordings, browsing history, live-location status, photos, videos, SMS, social media notifications, emails installed apps, web filtering, contacts, and many more.

After researching various apps, we found many offer basic options such as GPS location tracking., on the other hand, offers more advanced features such as SMS, call recording, social media monitoring, and browsing access.

Enhanced privacy

As one of the best location-tracking apps, is well-versed in data privacy. This mobile tracker app keeps data private and secure from hackers' prying eyes. The Celltracker app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure the confidentiality of the information in your account. So, apart from you, even your service provider cannot access your personal information without your knowledge.

Call and Message Monitoring allows users to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and messages on the tracked device. This includes access to call logs, the content of text messages, and even the ability to block certain contacts. For parents, this feature is invaluable in safeguarding their children from unwanted or harmful communications. It also serves employers who wish to ensure their employees use company-issued devices appropriately.

Social Media and App Tracking

With digital interactions increasingly taking place on social media platforms,’s capability to track activities on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more is particularly noteworthy. Users can monitor messages, media exchanges, and even app usage times. This comprehensive coverage ensures that guardians and employers can stay informed about the digital environments their children or employees are engaging with.

Remote Control Features offers remote control options, such as remotely taking pictures or recording surroundings using the device's camera and microphone. This feature can be used in various scenarios, including locating lost devices or ensuring the safety of individuals. The ability to remotely control certain aspects of the device adds an extra layer of security and flexibility to the monitoring capabilities.

Stealth Mode Operation

Perhaps one of the most crucial features of is its ability to operate in stealth mode. This means the app can run undetected on the tracked device, ensuring that the monitoring activities do not intrude on the user's privacy more than necessary. This discreet operation is essential for maintaining trust while also fulfilling the need for oversight.

Absolutely invisible

This cell phone tracker app has an advanced invisibility feature that goes incognito when installed on the target smartphone device. So, if someone has stolen your phone and gets access, he will never know you still have access to your phone. Also, you can track the live location if your phone is stolen.

Compatibility with the target device

During our analysis and screening of several Celltracker reviews, we found that the solution is cross-platform compatible. Whether you have Android OS, Blackberry OS, Windows OS, WebOS, or Apple iOS, Celltracker is fully capable of operating in almost every operating system. Review: Plans and Pricing download is a freemium tool. However, they also offer a premium version to access advanced tracking features. The free plan gives you some basic features. Premium plans work best for you if you want overall coverage and access to all the 35+ mobile tracking features.

Plan Duration Price
1 Week INR 600
1 Month INR 1200
1 Year INR 4999 app’s Pros and Cons: Is it Worth it?

Pros Cons
It offers a wide range of tracking features, including location, calls, SMS, and social media activity. The use of such tracking software can raise ethical and privacy issues, especially without the consent of the person being monitored.
Enables users to monitor the live location of the target device, enhancing safety and security. The powerful features of the app could be misused for unauthorized surveillance, leading to potential legal implications.
Runs invisibly on the target device, ensuring that monitoring is discreet and does not unnecessarily intrude on privacy. The app may consume significant battery life on the target device, which could alert the user to its presence.
Allows users to block access to certain apps and websites and remotely lock the device, providing greater control over usage. It may not be compatible with all devices or operating systems, limiting its usefulness across different technology platforms.
Designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for non-technical users to navigate and utilize its features effectively. Access to premium features requires a subscription, which may be a financial consideration for some users.

What Do Our Experts Say About

MobileAppDaily analyzed the product in detail and studied many reviews. After a deep analysis of its features and limitations, our experts found it to be a powerful tool for monitoring mobile devices, which is great for both parents and employers.

The review highlighted how easy it is to install and set up, making it accessible for users without much technical knowledge. This simplicity allows for a quick start-up for monitoring mobile activities. stands out for its detailed monitoring. It tracks phone calls, texts, social media, and GPS locations. This gives a clear view of how the mobile device is used, helping parents watch over their kids and employers monitor work phones.

Real-time tracking is another key feature. It lets users know where the device is at any moment, adding peace of mind. Geofencing alerts users if the device enters or leaves set areas.

Lastly, MobileAppDaily noted's strong privacy and security measures. All data is securely stored, addressing digital privacy concerns and ensuring only authorized access.

MAD Ratings

Features - 4.3
Navigation - 4.2
User Interface (UI) - 4.4
Security - 4.2 Reviews: What Users Say?

"Proper Accuracy in the detection of the target whereabouts.
The MobiTracker software is best in alerting you about the target whereabouts location after a little setting of the system software application with confidence therefore the target moves are monitored at all the given time as long as the alert settings have been enable for the tracking of the person.”

Muger A.

“Now I am in ease thanks for this celltracker app, Now i know exactly what my son is doing with this tablet whether he is using education things or some wrong things. Thanks cell tracker.”


How to use

Step 1 - First, you'll need to visit the website and sign up for an account.  Click on the “Create an account” button to go to the Register form.

Step 2 - Now, fill in the details to complete the registration process. These details can be Name, Email, and password in the Register form.

After completing the signup process, you’ll receive access to the dashboard, which is the central hub from where you’ll manage your monitoring activities.

Step 3 - Now, to activate the solution in a device, click the laptop icon (Mobile Browser)/ New Device Button(Desktop) on top of the screen.

Then, you will receive a six-digit access code on your registered mobile number. You will need this access code while installing this free cell phone tracking app on your device.

Step 4 - Download the app by clicking the "Download Apk" button. Give all access permissions and paste the six-digit access code.

After the login is complete, you will see the status "Settings updated."

Step 5 - Now, log in to the Celltracker dashboard from your personal computer or mobile device and monitor the target device data.

Conclusion app is emerging as a modern solution to a modern problem. It's a free, secure, and advanced mobile tracking application capable of delivering exceptional results. It tracks and records nearly everything which includes all-call recordings, browsing history, live-location status, photos, videos, SMS, social media notifications, contacts, and many more.

Lastly, we hope that this Celltracker review is useful to you and answers all your quetions. Moreover, you can also get your product reviewed once it is developed. It will help you in identifying its real potential in the market and if any changes are required before finally publishing it.

General FAQ

  • Where Can I Find the Tracked/Recorded Activity or the Transferred Data?
  • Why Should the Target Smartphone Be Connected to the Internet?
  • Is CellTracker Really Free of Cost?
  • Can I Track Several Devices with the Same Account?
  • Does CellTracker Work Worldwide with Any Mobile Service Provider?
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