Overcast Podcast Player Launches New Clip-Sharing Fea
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Overcast Podcast Player Launches New Clip-Sharing Feature

With the great benefits of the new sharing features, some problems may also arise

Overcast Podcast Player Launches New Clip-Sharing Feature

One of the best iOS podcast apps, Overcast, has released a new update to make the process of sharing social media clips from their favorite shows easier. 

The Overcast app’s latest update will allow users to convert a short abstract of a podcast into a short length video. The final video can then be shared via social media platforms, text messages or by email.

Users of the Overcast app are very satisfied with the podcast app’s new feature as it will help podcasters in making their podcast go viral that will ultimately assist in reaching new audiences. In the past, sharing the podcast was restricted to via only links or audio-only snippets, for the most part.

The iOS podcast app, Overcast’s founder, Marco Arment stated in a blog post:

To use the new sharing feature, click on the share icon in the top right-hand corner, and choose the “Share Clip” option. It will bring down the interface to select the required segment of the show episode you are listening to. Then the user can customize a piece of a podcast as straight-up audio, a vertical, landscape, or square video, and add on a “Shared from Overcast” badge.
audio or video clips share feature in Overcast app
A variety of video formats are built to attract those who are stacked with the task of marketing a podcast across social media that includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There is another good thing in it, now podcast marketers will be allowed to remove the Overcast branding from their shared clip.

Obviously, the new features could pose some problems. Listeners can now cut a portion of a clip that can manipulate the original words of the podcasters. Small mistakes that are majorly ignored by the people might now be used to show the podcasters in a bad light. 

Overcast is counted as the best iOS apps to download for iPhone and optimistically, the app's new update will make the sharing of podcasts a little easier. But only time will tell, whether the new feature will be a success or not.

The Overcast app is only available to iOS users. If you are an android user and you want to listen to your favorite podcasters then you can find out the best podcast apps for Android from this article.

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