OnePlus showcases liquid cooling technology on gaming concept phone at MWC 2023

OnePlus showcased its latest concept phone at MWC, focused on mobile gaming and featuring a unique liquid cooling system called Active CryoFlux.

OnePlus showcases liquid cooling technology

OnePlus takes mobile gaming to the next level with its latest concept phone, featuring 'Active CryoFlux' liquid cooling technology.

OnePlus showcases their latest innovation, the OnePlus 11 Concept, at MWC 2023, featuring "Active CryoFlux" liquid cooling technology. This innovation is aimed at enhancing the mobile gaming experience and improving the performance of small screens. 

While there is no clear indication of whether the technology will be commercially available in the near future, OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu stated that the company will analyze the market and technology's maturity before making a decision.  

The liquid cooling technology showcased in the OnePlus 11 Concept involves a piezoelectric ceramic micropump that moves the coolant around the rear of the device and the massive camera array, creating a cool light show effect through the transparent material covering the rear of the device. 

With many device makers, such as ASUS, Nubia, and Xiaomi, focusing on the gaming market, it seems like the next frontier for the mobile industry. Although giants like Samsung and Apple are making gaming more accessible on their flagship devices, OnePlus seems to be following a similar path. However, the company has surprised us before, so who knows what they have up their sleeves! 

What are your thoughts on this innovation? Would you buy a smartphone with liquid cooling technology to enhance your gaming experience?  

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