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The Virtual Reality is a computer technology used to simulate the real physical user's physical presence to generate imaginary images or surrounding. You will get here all the recent update about Virtual Reality technology with every detail. The technology has gathered the attention of almost every tech giant and on its way to revolutionize the tech world.

NVIDIA Revises Autonomous Driving Through VR

Nvidia has taken the concept of autonomous vehicles to an altogether new level

By Vikram Khajuria

Why VR Has Still Not Got The Due Credit

Some Points of Clarity: Why VR is Getting Slow Recognition

By Joshua Anderson

Diagnosis of Stroke Symptoms Becomes Easier With Think F.A.S.T, a VR App

Think F.A.S.T is a VR app developed to train medical professionals to diagnose stroke symptoms

By James Lawson

The Future of VR Explained

Virtual reality equipped mobile apps will change everything

By Alice porter

Virtual Reality Apps: Wonderful Option for Learning Things

Google and Apple is working on the VR and AR equipped apps

By Joshua Anderson
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