Latest Mobile Technology News and Updates | 81

Latest Tech News& Updates | 81

Stay updated with the latest technology news with MobileAppDaily and discover new tech happenings. Here you will be able to find every elementary to big tweak in the tech world instantly. Get informed about the latest move of the tech giants such as Google and Apple.


Microsoft Wants Developers to take apps on Universal Windows Platform

Key Highlights Microsoft Introduced UWP (Universal windows Platform) for developers There will be one API surface for all the devices There will be only one store for all windows devices In windows 10 an app will run from mobile to PC Mobile app world is heated up with the competiti

  • Tue, 16 May 2017

Apple Buys Sleep-Tracking Device Manufacturer; Beddit

Technology has changed the definition of innovations that we are using quite some time. It is proven that smartphones have limitless application in almost every sector with the regular evolution of the mobile app technology. Not only smartphones, wearable devices have taken our expectation to a whol

  • Mon, 15 May 2017

Amazon Announces to shutdown Amazon Underground in 2019

Today mobile application market is ruling the business and attracting every platform to enter.In 2015 Amazon launched an app store service named Amazone Underground for the android phones. Amazon Underground offers free mobile apps, games and the in-app purchase to the users in Android. According to

  • Thu, 11 May 2017

Google's New Secret OS Fuchsia

It's not a big secret Google is working on a new mysterious operating system for a long time. Last August we all came to know about Google’s this project named “Fuchsia's”. This mysterious OS of Google is in news and developers are talking about it since last year. This new

  • Tue, 09 May 2017

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Google Play Store is Upgraded to 7.8 Version With The Addition of Some New Features Few Tweaks

As mobile app technology enhancing day by day new features and functionality added to the app world. As million of apps are available for the user, app store makes sure it provide the substantial options with the best interface to users. From Apple’s Appstore to Google Play store continuously

  • Wed, 03 May 2017

Google New Aspect ratio to 18:9 : Developers Need to Upgrade Their App

This era is surrounded by the digital assistance for us in almost every aspect. We are too much depended on the technology that we can even bear the thought of life without it. Smartphones are the core reason to enhance this relationship between us and technology. Mobile applications day by day taki

  • Mon, 01 May 2017

Brief Insight of China App Store Market

Mobile app industry is the sector where everyone interested in investing as its booming right now. If we talk about mobile app economy the stats are hitting higher and higher every quarter. The biggest contribution to the expansion of app industry in terms of economy usage and popularity is by China

  • Fri, 28 Apr 2017

Is Android Going to Beat iOS in Future?

Smartphone users are increasing day by and By increasing I mean drastically, due to benefits of the digital medium. The mobile app industry is witnessing higher stats than ever in terms of revenue and growth. Mobile applications playing a vital role in every aspect of our life whether it is medical,

  • Wed, 26 Apr 2017

Google Hangouts: All Hangout Apps Will be Terminated After 25th April By Google

Highlights Google Announces the termination of all Hangout supports. Consumer-facing hangouts will stop functioning from 25th April. Google divides the Hangouts into two sections viz. Meet and Chat. Enterprise apps like slack will continue to work without any worry. According to re

  • Thu, 13 Apr 2017

What is Intent-Based Mobile App Security and Why is it Crucial?

The mobile application development world is evolving day by day due to the increasing number of smartphone users around the globe. Along with the consistent innovative addition in the mobile app technology, large-scale usability of mobiles apps in the business world is drastically changing the

  • Wed, 12 Apr 2017
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