Latest Mobile Technology News and Updates | 2

Latest Tech News& Updates | 2

Stay updated with the latest technology news with MobileAppDaily and discover new tech happenings. Here you will be able to find every elementary to big tweak in the tech world instantly. Get informed about the latest move of the tech giants such as Google and Apple.


Apple March 25 Event: Here's Everything You Need To Know

It's Show Time!! The tech giant has made the announcement official by sending out the invitations for their special event, which is scheduled to be held on 25th March 2019. There is a lot of buzz in the market about Apple's latest product launch event and we are here to provide you with a


Sprint Posts A Full-Page NYT Ad Against AT&T Fake 5G Service

A couple of days ago, Sprint Corporation, the American telecommunications company, slapped a lawsuit against AT&T for the use of ‘5G E’ icon on iPhones and iPads running the latest iOS beta. According to Sprint, 5G E icon that is being displayed on the devices running on AT&T


WeQ Launches WeQ INFLUENCERS Agency To Cater Influencer Marketing

WeQ, the global experts in mobile ad tech agency has come up with a new marketing agency, WeQ INFLUENCERS. The new marketing agency is launched to exploit the influencer marketing landscape. The new agency is launched by WeQ with an aim to each 100 million highly-targeted users in 2019 by engagin


Microsoft Seeing AI App For Blind Helps User Explore Pics By Touch

Microsoft Seeing AI app for blind people was introduced in 2017 which later became popular among vision-impaired people. It used to convert visual data into audio files. Now thanks to an update of the iOS version released by Microsoft, it helps a user to discover the objects and people in the photos

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Slack Dark Mode Update Arrives For iOS And Android Users

There is a piece of good news for all the countless Slack users who have been requesting the company for a Dark Mode interface for several years. Finally, Slack app has started testing one of the most requested features, Dark mode. Apps in Dark mode or the night mode are becoming popular among us


Apple AR Glasses, Powered By iPhone Expected To Launch In Early 2020

Recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook indicated that the company is working on the future products that “will blow you away”. Is Apple’s Augmented Reality Headset one of those high tech future products? Noted analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo dropped a hint on the production of Apple&rsquo


How Is Machine Learning Evolving In 2019?

Even common folks will agree with the statement that Artificial Intelligence or AI is the future and it has the ability to bring about a considerable degree of transformation in all industries. Artificial Intelligence can solve even the most challenging and complex problems with ease. This makes


Best Omnichannel Marketing Tips for Mobile Apps To Follow

Now more so than ever, people are heavily dependent on mobile devices. This makes mobile apps incredibly valuable for engaging audiences. Rather than being used as a single touch point for customers, brands are beginning to see that mobile apps are best used in an omnichannel marketing approach.


Google Launches New AI Hardware Tools For Android Developers

At the launch event today, Google announced a series of new AI hardware tools for Android developers in addition to its other machine learning developments. Google is again making headlines with the introduction of new AI hardware tools that will come under the brand name ‘Coral’. The


Explanation: The Rise Of Full Stack Developers

In recent times, a few terms that have become very common are frontend, back end, client side, and server side. ‘Frontend’ implies the presentation of the information to the general people. It is through the ‘frontend’ that they can access the World Wide Web. Some of the t

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