‘Tinder-Style’ PropTech App Badi Raises £24M

Now ‘right-swipe’ for your roommate!

Updated on January 29, 2020

Gone are the days when individuals looking for romance took to classified pages of a newspaper, sharing adverts alongside landlords looking for probable tenants.

Badi, a startup that mingles house hunting with the Tinder-style swipe mechanism has escalated an additional £24 million($30m) in a Series B funding round, ushered by VC firm Goodwater Capital.

Headquartered in Barcelona, the startup gloats over having more than one million registered users, including London, where it recently launched its services. The company has stretched its operations across cities like Spain, France, and Italy, and would utilize the funding to expand its unique mix of dating app and property search, in London and to further fashion its services.

Carlos Pierre, CEO, and founder of Badi said:

“I believe there is a huge opportunity to make flat renting much more efficient worldwide.”

“By 2050, the total population living in cities will increase from 54 percent to 66 percent. There will likely be a shortage of homes for people looking to live in cities and as a result, this will lead to an increase in smaller living units or rooms. This is where Badi comes in.”

While many landlords looking for a tenant go through the struggle and risks of broadcasting their homes to dozens of strangers, Badi claims to ease this process.

Users can look for potential roommates with all their personal details revealed in their profile, similar to that of a dating website, with the alternative of swiping yes or no, like that in Tinder.

Carlos further says that Badi makes the first connection way more efficient and faster.

The new funding brought Badi’s total raise so-far to $45m. Other investors which took part in the effort included Target Global, Spark Capital, and Mangrove Capital.

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