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Latest Technology News | 19

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Matchmade Secures €4.25M in Series A Funding

Finnish startup Matchmade, an influencer marketing platform, has successfully landed €4.25 million in Series A funding. The financing round was led by Korea Investment Partners and will help the company plan its operations to amplify across international platforms. Founded in 2014, the platf

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Open Digital Summit San Francisco 2018: Everything You Need To Know

It's time to move beyond mobile and unleash the power of connected experiences with the annual event at Open Digital Summit by the Incite Group. Earlier known as the Open Mobile Summit, this year a new approach has been taken by the organization because mobile-first thinking is over as the user

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google May Roll Out Android Q to More Users Than Ever Before

If we go by records, Google always takes time to roll out its latest OS update for smartphones and on top of that, the update is made available for only a handful of devices. But things are going to change for good with a new announcement. Android Q’s full-scale release is slated to be laun

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google's Flutter Live 2018: A Celebration of Flutter

Flutter, Google's free open-source mobile app SDK (Software Development Kit) is seen to be winning the hearts of users from all across the globe. And now those flutter enthusiasts have one more reason to be excited about; Google is organizing a special event known as Flutter Live to celebrate fl

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

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How to Easily Review and Delete Google Search History

In this world of utter technology, you are tracked in some way or the other. The tracking organization maybe your own government or cybercriminals, who have a hell lot of hacking tricks rounded up in their sleeves. You might be surprised to learn that just by allowing the GPS location on your dev

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

What is 5G Technology and When Will it Arrive?

The 5G Technology can be referred to as the next-in-line to 4G (LTE/WiMax), the current fastest mobile communication standard which is also known as the Fifth Generation wireless cellular network. 5G is not only aiming to lower latency, but it also boasts a theoretical maximum speed of 20 Gigabits p

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Apple Event October 30: What’s in That?

The announcement of the Apple event on October 30th has surprised us all, especially when, Apple has already celebrated the launch of its iPhone last month only. It's not usual that Apple goes for back to back events. So, for all of us, it's still a mystery what all Apple may bring up in the

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google Changes Android Licensing Agreement in Europe

Google surprisingly announced the changes in its Android licensing model for Europe. The tech giant has introduced some changes for the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in Europe to license Android for their devices. Going forward Google will be charging a fee to these device manufactures for

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google Assistant is Now Visual Rich and Can Even Book a Ride

Google Assistant received a major update from the company that comprises a refreshed design for the app. If you have the app, then you must know that Google Assistant has a very less intuitive design compared to its offering. Considering this flaw, the Mountainview company has added more visual desi

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google Launches an App for People With Limited Mobility

Google introduced a new app to help users with mobility issues while accessing their smartphones. The company named the app, ‘Voice- access’ that enables the users to navigate through mobile and apps, write and edit text via voice commands. The app will take over your phone and allow

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019