NYT Strands Hints, Spangram, and Answers for Game #102, June 13 (THURSDAY)

NYT Strands Hints, Spangram, and Answers for Game #102, June 13 (THURSDAY)

Date: June 14, 2024

Here are the daily hints, spangram, and answers for NYT Strands. Use these and solve the puzzle till you get a hang of it.

Challenged yourself to a game of NYT ( The New York Times) Strands? And stuck…

Well, MobileAppDaily is here to rescue you. Solving a Strands puzzle can be tricky for both newbies and someone who has been playing it since the launch (4th March 2024). 

Strands is a new concept game launched by NYT. It is a puzzle of words based on a theme. The game feels like “Wordle” but taking inspiration from it, the game delivers its own twist. 

The New York Times” releases daily new puzzles. So, to help players enduring difficulty with the puzzle, we provide daily hints, spangram, and answers. So, get your help and make your way through the NYT Strands puzzle!

NYT Strands: Hints, Spangram, and Answers for Today Game No. 102

A. Theme:

The theme of today’s NYT Strands game is “Good times ahead

B. Hint:

Here’s a hint to solve the first word of the puzzle: “An act of kindness or a helpful deed done for someone.

C. Spangram for Today’s NYT Strands:

Getting help is not cheating. Make sure to use the spangram “AFTERPARTY” for today. And, try to solve the puzzle by yourself.

D. Answers for Today’s NYT Strands Game No. 102, June 13:

The hint given above "An act of kindness or a helpful deed done for someone." referred to our first answer, i.e, FAVOR.

Can you guess the rest answers now! Well if not, we can start unpuzzling a fresh new Strands puzzle tomorrow. But today, here are the complete answers for you:

  • FOUL
  • BOAT

NYT Strands answers game 102 June 13

How to Play NYT Strands!

NYT Stands Game Interface

For first-time players, the game can be confusing. So, here’s a breakdown of all the important information and the steps associated with gameplay.


  • You will be facing a 6*8 grid of letters each day.
  • The game is to find the hidden words that connect to a specific theme provided daily.
  • These words can be found vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally to make the gameplay more interesting.

Purpose Behind Spangram:

“Spangram” is a unique element added into “Strands.” It is a single long word that stretches across the entire grid often from one end to another.”

A spangram is your daily clue. Once you find all the theme-related words, the Spangram will be revealed to you.

Steps to Play:

Step 1: Visit the NYT “Strands” website.

Step 2: Have a look at the theme word.

NYT Stands Game Theme Today Screen

Step 3: Now start searching for words in any direction, i.e., up, down, left, and right.

Solving NYT Stands Word Game

Step 4: Click on the first letter and drag your mouse pointer to the connecting letters. You can also click on each letter individually.

Solving NYT Stands Game Screen

Step 5: To confirm, double-tap the last letter to confirm the word selection.

Essential Things to Know Before Playing:

  • Words found should contain four or more letters.
  • Each letter can only be used once in a single word.
  • Words don’t overlap on the grid.
  • Strands provide hints to its players. To get the hint, the player needs to find non-themed words to reveal the location of the themed word.
  • The daily clue itself works as a clue.
  • Spangram spans the entire grid and is a bonus word found in daily themes.
  • Spangram will only be revealed once you have found all the theme words.

Winning: The goal is to find all the themed words and the spangram to complete the daily NYT strands challenge.

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