LinkedIn May Soon Launch Its Own Reels Format

LinkedIn May Soon Launch Its Own Reels Format

Date: March 28, 2024

LinkedIn, the world's biggest professional social networking platform, tests short-form video content to improve user engagement.

LinkedIn is among the best social media platforms for learning, networking, upscale, and finding opportunities. Over the years, the app has evolved its interface, added new features, and improved security encryptions. Austin Null, a strategy director at an influencer agency, found a new development on the platform. LinkedIn is testing short-form reels on its platform to improve engagement and expand its service offerings.

The research team at LinkedIn has found that its users are rapidly shifting towards shorter content forms for educational or career growth purposes. Owing to the rise of shorter videos like Reels, Snaps, and TikTok, LinkedIn is pivoting towards the same to stay relevant. Null posted a short video of the new feed, which is available on the navigation bar's new ‘video’ tab. Once tapped, the Video button will take users to a new vertical feed of short videos to swipe through. The interface is similar to that of all short video format platforms. The company has not shared any official statement regarding how the videos are selected to be shown to users.

Through this effort, LinkedIn aims to promote educational, professional, or career-oriented content. The platform is the largest hub for professional content sharing, which can help users transition to short video format easily. TikTok and other similar platforms have a diverse range of content topics, ranging from entertainment to healthcare. Video formats are gaining evident preference over other formats like text or images, especially for learning from experts and professionals. That’s why it is the best time for the company to test new methods for helping users find relevant content.

LinkedIn’s new feed will give creators a new platform to connect with their audience. It is also a great chance for budding creators to get better reach and grow faster, as the initial stage will not deploy many restrictions. The platform may even entice content creators by incentivizing the new feed videos. Only a handful of employees and associated stakeholders have access to the new feed. If the test is successful, the new feed will officially launch sometime later this year. 

People have already begun showing mixed feelings about the upcoming addition to LinkedIn’s content formats. While some hail the decision as a new opportunity, many say that it may deteriorate the content quality of the platform.

Arpit Dubey

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