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New Technologies That Will Impact Online Casinos In 2019

All thanks to technology for making Online Casinos a $70 Billion Industry Technologies That Will Impact Online Casinos In 2019

Over the last few years, the gaming industry was able to set an exponential growth rate - with technology playing a vital role. There’s no doubt that there were other, crucial, elements involved too, but new site features and functions helped push the entertainment further than ever before. As such, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular online casino trends theories that are set to take the New Year by storm.

Today, mobile casinos are greatly responsible for luring players back again and again for more. After just a few touches on a smartphone, players can be spinning the most popular slots around while killing some time. The casino gaming industry also happens to be full of big prizes and exciting bonus features which makes it even more appealing for gamers to engage in.

Yet, many believe the switch from desktop to mobile is just the beginning of this revolution. Let's take a look at some of the best technology trends that are set to impact the growth of casino gaming massively in 2019.

Top Casino Technology Trends

Although there have been several contributors to this industry’s astronomical rise over the past few years, here at MobileAppDaily, we believe the next 12 months will be dominated mostly by four key areas.

casino technology

1. Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are hands down one of the most well-known applications of the blockchain technology - and now it has made its way into mobile casinos as well. Although this technology trend is still in its initial stage, it’s been stated that it will act as a great feature for various emerging companies for raising finance through ICOs.

At present, several organizations are utilizing smart contracts to develop advanced casinos that hold the ability to generate zero house games and can run autonomously. In other words, it basically means that the player will be playing against a computer code which will be 100 percent transparent to be equally fair.

2. Virtual Reality

Emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) are gradually making their way into the majority of primary industry verticals. And now, VR is the next top casino trend that is currently being used for developing interactive gambling sites.

These mobile platforms will allow app users to explore the world of gambling in the form of virtual reality. This is likely to open new doors for playing online games and enjoying other gaming applications as it will be much more interesting for the players to interact with.

3. Augmented Reality

The year 2019 is also said to be the prime time for other reality technologies too, such as AR (Augmented Reality) in the casino gaming industry. Even before the beginning of the year, we have witnessed the release of Magic Leap. This is one of the first augmented reality platforms which is helping to make people curious about the explored dimensions - opening it up to a wider audience.

Source - The Verge 

But what are the possibilities of AR within casino gambling? Well, one of the many things it will enable is the ability to provide a true 360-degree gambling experience via a mobile casino app. If the experience is developed correctly, it is thought that users won't be able to tell the difference between the digital and real world - being introduced to a truly immersive new experience.

4. Cryptocurrencies

In the point above, we mentioned the impact that smart contracts will have for online casinos in 2019 - and now it's time to take a look at the role of cryptocurrency in casino technology. One can say that the whole concept of cryptocurrencies is currently ranked among the top trends in the world - with vast interest being shown after the explosion of Bitcoin.

However, it’s actually the functions of blockchain which is interesting - as it is able to deliver transactions that are much more secure and transparent. With the help of cryptocurrencies, many of the issues that gambling over the internet continually faces can be resolved in a way that is both legal and highly secure at the same time.


So, this was our take on some of the top casino technology trends and casino gaming industry that we predict to be the next big thing for the gambling industry in 2019. As more technologies are entering the market, we can expect to see a wider range of services that are currently being offered by online casinos and gaming apps.

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