Microsoft's Bing AI Chatbot now available on mobile apps and Skype with voice control feature

Microsoft has expanded its generative AI-powered chatbot, previously only accessible through Edge desktop browser, to more products, services, and devices.

Bing AI chatbot now available on mobile apps and skype

Microsoft has brought its Bing AI chatbot to mobile apps and Skype, making it accessible to more people. 

With generative AI-powered capabilities, the chatbot has been made available to more than a million people on a preview basis. 

The tool can be accessed through Edge desktop browser, but now Microsoft is expanding its usage to other products, services, and devices as well. The chatbot can be used on Edge and Bing mobile apps for Android and iOS. Additionally, it can be accessed on Skype, allowing users to converse with it one-on-one or add it to a group chat. 

The chatbot can help settle debates, translate information in over 100 languages, and much more. Furthermore, Microsoft has added voice control on both mobile and desktop, making it easier to use. 

Although it is still in its early stages, this chatbot could be the end of Cortana's fading voice assistant after years. Microsoft is still fine-tuning the chatbot, and we can expect to see it being integrated into other apps like Teams soon. 

So, get ready to try out this exciting new feature and make your tech experience even better!

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