Meta faces third lawsuit in Kenya as moderators claim illegal sacking and discrimination

Turns out Meta is facing a third lawsuit in Kenya due to, as alleged, its failure in providing a 30-day termination notice to sacked employees. Sama, Meta’s content moderation partner, on the other hand denied these allegations.

Meta faces third lawsuit in Kenya

Social media giant Meta is facing its third lawsuit in Kenya, this time filed by 43 content moderators who allege unlawful termination by Meta's content moderation partners Sama and Majorel. 

The moderators claim that Sama dismissed them without issuing redundancy notices, failed to provide a 30-day termination notice as required by Kenyan law, and tied their terminal dues to signing non-disclosure documents. They further claim that Majorel has blacklisted all of Sama's previous employees, denying them job opportunities. 

Sama, on the other hand, denies the allegations, saying it followed Kenyan law in every aspect and has gone above and beyond what is required. Meta has faced two other lawsuits in Kenya: one by Ethiopians alleging that the social media giant failed to employ enough safety measures on Facebook, leading to deaths, and another by a former content moderator alleging forced labor and human trafficking. Foxglove, a tech justice nonprofit, supports the case, and it believes Meta is conducting a union-busting operation masquerading as a mass redundancy.

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