Maryland and Utah found using TikTok's tracking pixel on government websites despite statewide bans

As per a report, Maryland and Utah were among the 27 states with the code for TikTok's tracking pixel embedded in official government websites

Maryland and Utah found using TikTok's tracking pixel

The recent news of banning TikTok in some states is more complicated than just shutting down the app. 

A report in The Wall Street Journal reveals that even after statewide bans, some states have used TikTok's tracking pixel on government websites. The report claims that Maryland and Utah were among the 27 states with the code for TikTok's tracking pixel embedded in official government websites. 

Although these tracking tools are common, their use has been criticized by privacy advocates. Despite the bans in place, governments are finding it challenging to disentangle themselves from TikTok. 

Meanwhile, Forbes reported that the personal data of TikTok users from India is still accessible to TikTok and ByteDance employees, even though the app was banned in 2020. This raises questions about whether it's possible to "claw back" TikTok user data already collected by the company. This news highlights the difficulties of completely banning TikTok and underscores the need for stricter data controls and other measures to protect users' privacy.

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