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Machine Learning Innovation Summit New York 2018

Innovation Summit 2018 comes with the slogan, “Separate the signal from the noise.” Learning Innovation Summit New York 2018

Machine Learning is a method of data analysis that automates the process of analytical model building. It is an offshoot of Artificial Intelligence technology based on the idea that if data is provided, systems can learn from it, identify patterns and make decisions with very less or no interference of humans.

Taking this into account, Innovation Enterprise is hosting 'The Machine Learning Innovation Summit 2018' on December 12th and 13th in New York at Hilton Midtown.

Key Topics

  • Data Science Innovation
  • Implementation of AI and Machine Learning
  • Automation of the future of the industry
  • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Data-driven insights
  • Democratization of data and AI
  • Moving from predictive analytics to Machine Learning
  • Developing AI-savvy teams

Some of the companies attending the event are Apple, Netflix, Nasa, Snapchat, Amazon, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Machine Learning Innovation

Key Speakers

  • Zachary Cohn: Principal Machine Learning Engineer
  • Hangjun Xu: Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer
  • Sarah Hoffman: VP, AI, and Machine Learning Research
  • Seifu Zerihun: Analytics Team Leader
  • Will Lowe: Senior Data Scientist
  • William Tran: Machine Learning Engineer
  • Andrew Marchese: Data Scientist
  • Jerry Talton: Director of Data and Machine Learning

This arena of Machine Learning is a part of DATAx New York festival - 5 events in 1, connecting over 700 innovators. It is a must-attend event for those eager to learn the role of Machine Learning in making decisions on business performance and transformative projects.

To learn more about the agenda and event tickets, click here.

Last but not the least, Machine Learning Innovation Summit 2019 is coming to San Francisco, CA on January 29th and 30th. So if you are missing out on this one, get yourself prepared for the next.

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Dot Com Infoway
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M&C Saatchi Mobile
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New Delhi, India
London, UK
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