LinkedIn to Close Down Chitu, Its Localised Chinese L
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LinkedIn To Close Down Chitu, Its Localised Chinese Language App

Recently, LinkedIn’s Chinese executive criticized the company for lagging behind WeChat

LinkedIn To Close Down Chitu, Its Localised Chinese Language App

China is seen as a potential market by LinkedIn. To grow its presence in China, LinkedIn put a localized effort by launching a Chinese language app, Chitu in 2015 but now, which now going to shut down very soon.

What Happened To Chitu App?

LinkedIn has announced that it is closing down Chitu App that is marketed as one of the best apps to learn Chinese. Chitu is originally targeted to the younger generation that had less requirement of connections outside China. The closing date of the Chinese version of LinkedIn is set to some date in the last week of July.

In an open letter on Chitu’s website, it was stated,

Chitu app was released in July 2015 by LinkedIn’s China team that was led by Derek Shen. It was LinkedIn’s first attempt to dual brand strategy that showed its intentions of capturing the Chinese market. But it failed to compete with other Chinese professional platforms, such as Maimai.

The former President of Linkedin China left the company in 2017 and later on criticized the Linkedin for trailing behind social networking platforms, like WeChat.

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Why Is Chitu Closing Down?

Chitu is being closed down due to various reasons. 

  • Stiff competition from other professional social networking sites, such as Zhaopin and MaiMai. 
  • Chitu app was LinkedIn’s only attempt to target the non-English market, but it lacked the required intensity and experiences.
  • Chitu faced a lack of independence from LinkedIn that became even more difficult after the acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft.
  • The employees at the leadership level left the company that also affected the operations of the company and resulted in the closure.

What Now?

The company stated in its website,

LinkedIn will continue to work towards creating the Chinese version of LinkedIn itself that will aim premium and older users who are interested in interacting with other users in another language, such as English. Learning a new language is very difficult but with these language learning apps, you can ease the task.

In an interview with Techcrunch, asking about the future partnerships with third parties, a spokesperson of Chitu said,

Currently, LinkedIn has 47 million members in China. Whatever LinkedIn is planning to implement in the future for China market, it has to seriously think of outwitting the rapidly growing social networking platforms, like Zhaopin and Maimai. 

LinkedIn is regarded as one of the top platforms for developing skills and connecting with various professionals. Nowadays, it has become very important for young starters to continuously learn new things and for this, you need to check out learning apps, like Blinkist, Ted, and Skillshare.

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