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7 Keys for Developing Competitive Mobile Games

As per a study, over 80 percent of all the app store sales are influenced by games.

Developing Competitive Mobile Games

With games like PUBG and Fortnite, mobile gaming has transformed the way it never before. Right from integrating AI to managing hundreds of players in an online game, mobile app development is at its best.

However, there is more to come and to stay in the competition; a developer needs to take care of a number of factors, which will help him to outline his skills among other iOS and leading android gaming apps

Elevating your mobile game can be an effective strategy for keeping your business ahead of the competition — but only if you're putting out quality apps. Before you get too far into designing your own mobile game, make sure you've got a clear idea of what you need to achieve.

Check out the leading determinants for developing an absolute mobile gaming app, which every company needs to follow to curate a flawless mobile game development.

Factors to consider While Developing Competitive Mobile Games

Start by following these seven keys for developing competitive mobile games.

1. Release Nothing but Your Best

With over 1 million mobile games available on Google Play alone, competition is fierce. That's why companies are increasingly revamping their process for greenlighting mobile games to ensure that only their best efforts make it to market. You should, too.

Rather than fearing failure, set high standards and don't hesitate to shut down production on games that aren't meeting them — even if they're in the final stages of production. Any sunk costs associated with the abandoned project will be less than the cost of marketing, releasing, and maintaining an underperforming game.

2. Collect Plenty of External Feedback

How do you predict which games users will play, enjoy, pay for, and come back to? Ask them! In a traditional game production, external feedback is left until the very end of the process.

Once you adopt a not-afraid-to-fail mindset, the practical reality is that if you're going to fail, it's better to fail early. That means getting external feedback as soon as possible during a game's development.

User feedback of an app

Open beta testing is one of the best ways to get early feedback. It allows you to fix any bugs and even do some A/B testing without having to worry about public ratings or reviews that might hinder your game's success in the long term.

You can also target specific geographical markets with your testing for more relevant feedback and limit the number of participants to keep the pilot version of your game under wraps.

3. Invest in Cutting-Edge Features

Mobile games rely heavily on technology, and technology is always improving. To stay competitive, you need to keep tabs on current trends and invest in cutting-edge tech.

For instance, a game that allows players to interact with one another could benefit from real-time voice features through Agora for mobile games. A quest-based game, meanwhile, could incorporate virtual reality features à la "Pokémon Go."

4. Set a Time Frame 

You need to select a realistic time frame for your game development. Your team needs adequate time for research and create the product at the right time. If you are developing a game related to a season or event, you need to start well ahead of time to meet the deadline.

R&D for an app

5. Select the Operating System For Your Game

The secret to a successful business strategy is to develop something according to their customer’s preferences. What platform your users will use should be the epicenter of your game development strategy.

Decide upon the platform among Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Not many people use Windows Phone, so the core choice cuts down to Android or iOS. You can opt for a hybrid model, but it will have additional costs involved in developing a game for multiple platforms.

Target a game platform (say iOS) and start developing for it first. If that gets popular, you can design the game for Android.

6. Create a Stunning Design

Appealing visuals always stand out and make a lasting impression. Create a game design by taking into account all the factors involved in your game. These could include characters, the story, and the final appearance.

Your game design will be the differentiating factor between you and your competitor. Either you choose a flat design or a comic style with a 3D layout, make sure to keep a minimum weight of your design elements for good user experience.

App designing

7. Expand and Refresh Your Portfolio

If you want to compete in the mobile game market, you can't rely on a single game. Instead, work on releasing an entire family of mobile games. When players find a new favorite game, they will eventually want more — and you can capitalize on that by building a library of similar titles they can try and cross-promoting them.

For long-term success, cultivating your existing games is just as important as creating new ones. Add new content, improve the graphics, and incorporate new technology and trends. In some cases, you will find it is more profitable to refresh a game with a proven track record than to take a chance on a new title.

Creating a competitive mobile game may seem like a daunting task, but it's not out of reach. Keep these tips in mind, and your odds of success will increase.

A Final Word

Apart from all the factors mentioned above, the developer needs to market the app well and make sure to hit the targeted audience, rather than, hitting an unscattered market. It will help to make a long-term partnership with the users.

Other than that, you also need to track the performance of the app over the app stores and for the same, you can use the following tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Preemptive

If you still have queries regarding the mobile game app development, comment below and let us know your questions; we will get back and try to resolve your query.

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