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Is 2019 Going To Be The Year Of Mobile Innovation?

From Blockchain phones to 5G technology, 2019 could be the year of mobile innovation.

Is 2019 Going To Be The Year Of Mobile Innovation?

As per the MCW 2019, it was reported that with the global smartphone adaptation reported being due to reach around 80% in the next 25 years where two-thirds of the global population is using mobile phones, new smartphone manufacturers and mobile service providers. Mobile app developers are firmly focusing on future-facing innovation in mobile for 2019, to ensure that mobile users stay connected.

Without any ado, let’s just jump straight to the part where we will be discussing the top technology trends for 2019 and get to know about the latest mobile technology news:

Top Technology Trends For 2019

Here are some of the leading technology trends that are expected to go big this year:

Mobile Innovation

1. 5G Technology

Promising to increase connectivity, speed, and responsiveness, 5G is probably the most talked about mobile technology trends for the year 2019. While the majority of the big brand new handset releases are promising to offer 5G capability, there’s the exception of Apple, who say they will be following the 5G trend in 2020.

Consumers are understandably excited about the mobile technology news that promises to increase the time needed to download a movie to only 10 seconds, but with the global rollout of 5G happening very slowly and steadily, it looks like it’s going to take some time yet for everyday mobile to get up to speed.

2. Physical X Digital

This year, we will see a constant rise in experience-led leisure time, with shoppers, concert goers and event audiences beating a path to Instagram's friendly experiences and new smartphones in hand.

Savvy retailers are taking note of this trend and ensuring that their physical store experiences are aligned with consumers' love for mobile, embracing new technology for phones like augmented reality to enhance shopping trips.

For example, shoppers can browse outfits and try them on virtually in ‘magic’ mirrors. This magic can now be brought into the home with new AR (Augmented Reality) shopping options, where a selected item can be viewed via mobile within the customer’s own house as a 3D model, allowing them to see how a new piece of furniture would look in their own home, for example.

The connections between the physical and the digital retail world will increase through 2019, with large digitally focused brands like Amazon opening physical stores, while the phenomenon of the temporary ‘Pop Up’ store or experiential experience shows no signs of abating.

3. Social Shopping

The often predicted ability to shop from within our social media platforms hasn’t really become widespread yet, but this could change very soon. The world’s largest shop window, Instagram, was widely reported to have incorporated native payments in mid-2018.

This commerce-friendly channel not only encourages businesses to use it as a selling platform but also allows users to see a separate feed that only shows shoppable posts and the option to save details of products rather than posts for easier buying at a later date.

4. Blockchain Phones

Possibly one of the least understood new mobile trends, the concept of the blockchain technology phone is based on one of the emerging technologies. The vast majority of mobile users are entirely dependant on huge global tech brands like Facebook and Google for their resources. Be it free email and calendar services, Instagram shopping, maps, and even healthcare and fitness tracking.

All these activities are ostensibly free to us at the point of service with one big proviso, we agree to hand over our personal data in return. And as these services become more embedded in our daily lives, for instance, how many of us welcomed a digital personal assistant into our homes last Christmas?

Nowadays, we think less and less about how much of our personal information is being traded for the convenience they bring.

Final Thoughts

The blockchain phone is still in its very early stages and is currently being targeted by security conscious and tech-savvy groups like cryptocurrency investors who may wish to have the security of knowing that only their new smartphones hold the key to their currency.

In 2019, we may see the emergence of new models which are incorporating a mix of a device only and shared storage systems to mitigate risk if the device is stolen, as well as starting to open up the idea of a blockchain device up to a larger user base.

This was our take on some of the innovations in mobile and other mobile technology trends that will be the hype of 2019. So if you are interested in knowing more about such technology innovations then make sure you are following MobileAppDaily. All you need to do is click on that ‘Subscribe’ button and stay tuned with all the latest updates.

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