From time to time, we strive to come up with interviews with mobile industry experts whose knowledge and experience can make a difference in the lives of our readers and all the tech geeks across the globe.

Wolfpack Digital’s ‘hunt’ for Premier Digital Solutions Explained by Founder & CEO, Gina Lupu-Florian

Georgina ‘Gina’ Lupu-Florian, the Founder and CEO of Wolfpack Digital, ‘hunts’ the best solutions for technical constraints and believes this is the best time for women in professional spheres. On a special tête-à-tête with MobileAppDaily, she imparts some valuable insights and messages f

  • Mon, 17 Feb 2020

Cleveroad CEO Evgeniy Altynpara’s Life Journey in App Development Sphere

Evgeniy Altynpara, CEO of Cleveroad, started his journey in the mobile app development industry in 2014, and since then, he has come a long way to guide his company to stand out one of the best app developers.

  • Wed, 18 Dec 2019

Venkatesh CR Advocates Continual Research for Successful Marketing

In a candid conversation with MobileAppDaily, Venkatesh CR, MD, and CEO of Dot Com Infoway discloses his company’s doctrines and the technology trends that are helping his company to stand out.

  • Fri, 13 Dec 2019

App Marketing Hacks With Gilad Bechar, Founder of Moburst

Gilad Bechar, Moburst Founder and CEO, steamrolled Moburst to the top of the mobile app industry. In an exclusive interview with MobileAppDaily, Gilad doles out his idea of app marketing and how he is going to take it forward.

  • Tue, 10 Dec 2019

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How Reinvently's CEO's Artem Petrov Envisions a Creative App-Based Ecosystem

Artem Petrov, the founder of Reinvently, has some amazing onboarding advice for UI and UX developers. The following conversation tells the inspiring story of his company.

  • Thu, 31 Oct 2019

A Trending Women-Centric App That Has Set New Benchmark in the Fitness Industry.

From being a fitness freak to be a full-time gym trainer, Hayden Steele has survived it all. To know about his inspiration behind the women centric fitness app and his future goals, MobileAppDaily team had an interview with Hayden, which is more like a complete journey of the app development stage.

  • Mon, 16 Sep 2019

Start-up success and mistakes, Fueled Co-Founder Ryan D Matzner gets candid about it all

Fascinated by the difference between human emotions and rational behavior, Fueled’s Managing Partner Ryan D Matzner spills the beans on what mistakes do most startups make and the key-ingredients to a praise-worthy app. With over a decade of experience in product marketing, design, and business de

  • Thu, 08 Aug 2019

Former WillowTree Founder, Michael Prichard, on How Skafos is Shaping the Future of ML-powered apps

MobileAppDaily recently interviewed former WillowTree Founder, Michael J. Prichard, who is now the CEO and Founder of Skafos. During the interview, Michael talked about the release of Skafos V2 and how it would help app developers using machine learning to collaborate on the same platform, thus ensu

  • Tue, 11 Jun 2019

Candid Q&A With Digital Marketing Legend, Larry Kim

We caught up with Mr. Larry Kim, CEO of chatbot tools platform MobileMonkey, in a candid conversation around digital marketing, the future of social media, with his valuable insights for entrepreneurs and online marketers about what is the recipe for success in the digital world.

  • Fri, 24 May 2019

Interview With Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Founder and CEO, Connecthings

MobileAppDaily had a word with Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Founder and CEO, Connecthings. We spoke to her about her idea behind Connecthings and thoughts about the company’s services. Learn more about Connecthings here

  • Tue, 11 Dec 2018

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